The Cambridge Companion to Adam Smith

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Adam Smith is best known as the founder of scientific economics and as an early proponent of the modern market economy. Political economy, however, was only one part of Smiths comprehensive intellectual system. Consisting of a theory of mind and its functions in language, arts, science, and social intercourse, Smiths system was a towering contribution to the Scottish Enlightenment. This Companion volume provides an up-to-date examination of all aspects of Smiths thought.


List of contributors; Method of citation; Introduction: the coherence of Smith's thought Knud Haakonssen; 1. Imagination: morals, science and arts Charles L. Griswold Jr; 2. Adam Smith, Belletrist Mark Salber Phillips; 3. Adam Smith's theory of language Marcelo Dascal; 4. Smith and science Christopher J. Berry; 5. Smith on ingenuity, pleasure and the imitative arts Neil De Marchi; 6. Sympathy and the impartial spectator Alexander Broadie; 7. Virtues, utility and rules Robert Shaver; 8. Adam Smith on justice, rights and law David Lieberman; 9. Self-interest and other interests Pratap Bhanu Mehta; 10. Adam Smith and history J. G .A. Pocock; 11. Adam Smith's politics Douglas Long; 12. Adam Smith's economics Emma Rothschild and Amartya Sen; 13. The legacy of Adam Smith Knud Haakonssen and Donald Winch; Bibliography; Index.


Knud Haakonssen is a professor in the Department of History at the University of Sussex. A Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh and the Academy of Social Sciences in Australia, and Foreign Member of the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters, he is the author and editor of numerous books and texts, most recently Natural Law and Moral Philosophy: From Grotius to the Scottish Enlightenment and, with Andrew S. Skinner, Index to the Works of Adam Smith.


"Historian Haakonssen has assembled arguably the most wide-ranging perspective yet published on the social vision of Adam Smith." -- Choice
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