The Cambridge Ancient History

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September 1975



Volume II, Part II, deals with the history of the region from about 1380 to 1000 B.C.


List of maps; List of text-figures; Preface; 17. The struggle for the domination of Syria (1400-1300 B.C.) A. Goetze; 18. Assyria and Babylon c. 1370-1300 B.C. C. J. Gadd, F.B.A; 19. Egypt: the Amarna period and the end of the eighteenth dynasty Cyril Aldred; 20. The Amarna latters from palestine W. F. Albright; 21. Anatolia from Shuppiluliumash to the Egyptian war of Muwatallish A. Goetze, Margaret S. Drower and C. W. Blegen; 22. The expansion of the Mycenaean civilization Carl W. Blegen and H. W. Catling; 23. Egypt: from the inception of the nineteenth dynasty to the death of Ramesses III R. O. Faulkner; 24. The Hittites and Syria (1300-1200 B.C.) A. Goetze; 25. Assyrian military power 1300-1200 B.C. J. M. Munn-Rankin; 26. Palestine in the time of the nineteenth dynasty O. Eissfeldt and H. J. Franken; 27. The recession of Mycenaean civilization Frank H. Stubbings; 28. The sea peoples R. D. Barnett; 29. Elam c. 1600-1200 B.C. Rene Labat; 30. Phrygia and the peoples of Anatolia in the Iron Age R. D. Barnett; 31. Assyria and Babylonia c.1200-1000 B.C. D. J. Wiseman; 32. Elam and Western Persia, c.1200-1000 B.C. Rene Labat; 33. Syria, the Philistines, and Phoenicia W. F. Albright; 34. The Hebrew Kingdom O. Eissfeldt; 35. Egypt: from the death of Ramesses III to the end of the twenty-first dynasty J. Cerny; 36. The end of mycenaean civilization and the Dark Age V. R. d'A Desborough and N. G. L. Hammond; 37. The Western Mediterranean Glyn Daniel and J. D. Evans; 38. Greek settlement in the Eastern Aegean and Asia minor J. M. Cook; 39. The prehistory of the Greek language John Chadwick and G. S. Kirk; 40. The religion and mythology of the Greeks W. K. C. Guthrie; Bibliographies; Chronological tables; Index to maps; General index.
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