The Beginnings of English Protestantism

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A collection of challenging essays examining the early Protestants in the English Reformation.


List of illustrations; Notes on contributors; List of abbreviations; Introduction: Protestantisms and their beginnings Peter Marshall and Alec Ryrie; 1. Evangelical conversion in the reign of Henry VIII Peter Marshall; 2. The friars in the English Reformation Richard Rex; 3. Clement Armstrong and the godly commonwealth: radical religion in early Tudor England Ethan H. Shagan; 4. Counting sheep, counting shepherds: the problem of allegiance in the English Reformation Alec Ryrie; 5. Sanctified by the believing spouse: women, men and the marital yoke in the early Reformation Susan Wabuda; 6. Dissenters from a dissenting Church: the challenge of the Freewillers, 1550-1558 Thomas Freeman; 7. Printing and the Reformation: the English exception Andrew Pettegree; 8. John Day: master printer of the English Reformation John N. King; 9. Night schools, conventicles and churches: continuities and discontinuities in early Protestant ecclesiology Patrick Collinson; Index.


Peter Marshall is Senior Lecturer in History, University of Warwick. His previous books are The Catholic Priesthood and the English Reformation (Oxford, 1994); (ed.), The Impact of the English Reformation 1500-1640 (London 1997); (co-ed with Bruce Gordon) The Place of the Dead: Death and Remembrance in Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe (Cambridge, 2000). Alec Ryrie is Lecturer in Modern History, University of Birmingham. He has published articles in Bruce Gordon (ed), Protestant History and Identity (Aldershot, 1996) and David Loades (ed), John Foxe: an Historical Perspective (Aldershot, 1999). Articles forthcoming in The Journal of Ecclesiastical History (2002). D.Phil thesis, Oxford 2000.


'It shows just how varied and kaleidoscopic the English Reformation was, from a Protestant point of view; and, with imagination and erudition, it succeeds in restoring Protestants to what was once understood as their Reformation.' Stephen Alford, Church Times 'Peter Marshall and Alec Ryrie's superb collection of essays could not have come at a better time.' The Tablet '... stimulating set of essays ... we have here a volume that will be of immense value to historians ...' Journal of Ecclesiastical History
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