The Battle of Agincourt: Sources and Interpretations

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Dezember 2000



Latest title, destined to be the Agincourt sourcebook for years to come, in the Warfare in History: Sources and Interpretations series.


Part 1 Fifteenth-century chronicle sources: chronicles written in England - the "Gesta Henrici Quinti" (c. 1417, Latin), Thomas Elmham, "Liber Metricus de Henrico Quinto" (Metrical Life of Henry V), (c. 1418, Latin), Thomas Walsingham, "St Albans Chronicle" (c. 1420-22, Latin), Tito Livio Frulovisi, "Vita Henrici Quinti (c. 1438, Latin, Pseudo Elmham, "Vita et Gesta Henrici Quinti" (c. 1446-53, Latin), John Capgrave, "De Illustribus Henricis (c. 1446-53, Latin), John Hardyng, "Chronicle" (1457, 1464, Middle English and Latin), the Chronicle of Peter Basset (1449, French), the "Brut" (1430, 1436-37, 1460-70, Middle English), the London Chronicles (later 15th century, Middle English; chronicles written in France - The Religieux (Monk) of Saint-Denis, "Histoire de Charles VI" (c. 1415-22, Latin), "Geste de nobles francois" (?late 1420s, French), Pierre Cochon, "Chronique normande" (?early 1430s, French), "Chronique anonyme du reigne de Chales VI (?early 1430s, French), "Memoires de Pierre de Fenin" (?1430s, French), "Chronique de Perceval de Cagny" (late 1430s, French), "Chronique de Ruisseauville" (?1420s-1430s, French), Jean Juvenal des Ursins, "Histoire de Charles VI, roy de France" (1430-1440s, French), Enguerran Monstrelet, Jean Waurin and Jean Le Fevre (1444-1460s), Edmond de Dynter, "Chronique des ducs de Brabant" (?early to mid-1440s, Latin), "Journal d'un bourgeois de Paris" (?1449, French), Le Heraut Berry (the Berry Herald) (?1450s, French, "Chronique d'Arthur de Richemont" (1458-mid-1460s, French), "Chronique de Normandie " (1460s, French), Thomas Basin, "Histoire de Charles VII (1471-72, Latin), "Chronique d'Antonio Morosini" )?1430s, Italian. Part 2 Sixteenth-century historians in England: "The First English Life of Henry the Fifth" (1513, English); Robert Fabyan, "The New Chronicles of England and France" (1516, English); Polydore Vergil, "Anglica Historia" (1513, published 1534, Latin); Edward Hall, "The Union of the Two Illustre families of Lancaster and York" (1542, English); John Stow, "The Chronicles of England" (1592, 1601, English); Raphael Holinshed, "Holinshed's Chronicles of England, Scotland and Ireland" (1586-87, English). Part 3 The contemporary reception of the battle and development of the literary tradition: England; France. Part 4 Interpretations from the 18th to the 20th century. Part 5 Administartive records: The English army; the French army.(Part contents).


Anne Curry is Professor at Southampton - moving from Reading over summer 2005.


Will not only meet the needs of medieval warfare scholars but could be used as a great teaching tool for every aspect of medieval history... a remarkable book. JOURNAL OF MILITARY HISTORY * Accessible collections of primary sources covering the Hundred Years War are still remarkably few and far between, and teachers of the subject will find Curry's volume a valuable addition to their bibliographies and teaching aids. FRENCH HISTORY * Curry has performed a valuable service to scholars, teachers and general readers by compiling this comprehensive source-book for Henry 's Agincourt campaign. ENGLISH HISTORICAL REVIEW An outstanding addition to Boydell's valuable Warfare in History series. Provides a masterclass in the handling of chronicles and government records. WAR IN HISTORY
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