The Baltic and the Outbreak of the Second World War

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Dezember 2002



This book is the first to highlight the importance of the Baltic region in the approach to war in 1939. Amid the welter of publications on the origins of the Second World War none has sought hitherto to focus on the Baltic region, where peace finally and irrevocably broke down. Central strategic and international issues of the interwar years are thus illuminated from a fresh perspective by a distinguished team of specialists that includes a number of native Baltic historians. The themes discussed by the contributors acquired renewed relevance, as the Baltic republics asserted their rejection of incorporation within the Soviet Union following the Nazi-Soviet pact of 1939. The Baltic and the outbreak of the Second World War makes an important contribution to the perennial debate on the immediate causes of the conflict, and should interest specialists in a variety of fields within international relations, modern European and diplomatic history.


Preface; 1. Introduction: Baltic security problems between the two World Wars John Hiden; 2. Great Britain and the Baltic in the last months of peace, March-August 1939 Mieczyslaw Nurek; 3. Nazi German policy towards the Baltic states on the eve of the Second World War Rolf Ahmann; 4. The role of Danzig in Polish-German relations on the eve of the Second World War Anita Prazmowska; 5. Great Britain, the Soviet Union and Finland at the beginning of the Second World War Patrick Salmon; 6. The attitude of the Scandinavian countries to Nazi Germany's war preparations and its aggression on Poland Bogdan Koszel; 7. The Soviet occupation of Poland through British eyes Thomas Lane; 8. The meeting of the Lithuanian Cabinet, 15 June 1940 Alfonsas Eidintas; Index.
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