The Art of English: Literary Creativity

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April 2006



This volume provides a critical examination of texts which can be considered 'literary'. What distinguishes some texts as 'art'? How do we recognize literary creativity? To answer questions such as these, the book ranges across creative texts produced for public consumption: from poetry, drama and fiction to performance art and online literature. It provides a lively and accessible introduction to stylistic, semiotic and multimodal analysis drawing on work in Literature and Media Studies, Performance Studies, Linguistics and Anthropology.


Literature and Creativity in English; J.Maybin & M.Pearce Poetic Language; J.Thornborrow Plot and Characterisation; K.O'Halloran Text and Performance; J.Swann The Art of Translation; A.Magyar Word and Image; S.Goodman Literature and Technology; S.Goodman The Literary Mind; K.O'Halloran Readers and Writers; T.Lillis References Acknowledgements Index


Sharon Goodman and Kieran O'Halloran
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