The Archaeology of Reformation,1480-1580

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September 2003



Featuring contributions given at the Archaeology of Reformation conference, this volume includes papers spread across five themes: public worship and iconoclasm, private devotion and material culture, dissolution landscapes and secular power, corporate charity and Reformation, and burial and commemoration.


Foreword,IntroductionBy DAVID GAIMSTER AND ROBERTA GILCHRISTPublic Worship and IconoclasmBy MARGARET ASTONIconoclasm and Adaption: The Reformation of the Churches in Scotland and the NetherlandsBy ANDREW SPICERThe Catholic Reformation and the Parish: The Church of Saint Thegonnec (Finistere, France) 1550-1700By ELIZABETH C. TINGLEFixtures or Fittings? Can Surviving Pre-Reformation Ecclesiastical Material Culture be Used as a Barometer of Contemporary Attitudes to the Reformation in England?By NIALL OAKEYThe Reformation and Unfinished Churches in FinlandBy MARKUS HIEKKANENReformation of What? Whose and Which Reformation is Exposed in Danish Wall-Paintings?By AXEL BOLVIG including Col. P1. I following p. 86The Wall-Paintings of Sulsted Church, Denmark: Between the Middle Agesand the Reformation?By JOHAN MOHLENFELDT JENSEN including Col. P1. I following p. 86PRIVATE DEVOTION AND MATERIAL CULTUREReformation and Transformation: What Happened to Catholic Things in a Protestant World?By SARAH TARLOWPots, Prints and Protestantism: Changing Mentalities in the Urban Domestic Sphere,c.1480-1580By DAVID GAIMSTERThe Archaeology of Vice-Regality: Charles Brandon's Brief Rule in LincolnshireBy PAUL EVERSON and DAVID STOCKER.Nicholas Poyntz and Acton Court: A Reformer's ArchitectureBy KIRSTY RODWELLFrom Popular Devotion to Resistance and Revival in England: The Cult of the Holy Name of Jesus and the ReformationBy HUGO BLAKE, GEOFF EGAN, JOHN HURSTU and ELIZABETH NEWPublic Worship, Private Devotion: The Crypto-Jews of Reformation EnglandBy BEVERLEY NENKDISSOLUTION LANDSCAPES AND SECULAR POWERRecycling the Monastic Fabric: Beyond the Act of DissolutionBy MAURICE HOWARD.Monastic Architecture: Destruction and ReconstructionBy RICHARD K. MORRISNorthern Ireland: The Afterlife of Monastic BuildingsBy ANN HAM LINt and NICK BRANNONDissolution or Reformation? A Case Study from Chester's Urban LandscapeBy SIMON W. WARDThe Conversion of Former Monastic Buildings to Secular Use: The Case of CoventryBy lAIN SODENTenements in London's Monasteries c. 1450-1540By BARNEY SLOANEThe Houses of Henry VIII's Courtiers in LondonBy CHRISTOPHER PHILLPOTTSSome Aspects of the Reformation of Religious Space in London, 1540-1660By JOHN SCHOFIELD including Col. P1. I following p. 86CORPORATE CHARITY AND REFORMATIONReforming Corporate Charity: Guilds and Fraternities in Pre- and Post-Reformation YorkBy KATE GILESDeconstructing a Symbolic World: The Reformation and the English Medieval Parish ChantryBy SIMON ROFFEYJohn Carpenter's Library: Corporate Charity and London's GuildhallBy NICK BATEMANThe London Merchant TaylorsBy DAVID SANKEY including Col. P1. I following p. 86BURIAL AND COMMEMORATIONChoices and Changes: Death, Burial and the English ReformationBy VANESSA HARDING'Dust to Dust': Revealing the Reformation DeadBy ROBERTA GILCHRISTAProtestant Habitus: 16th-Century Danish Graveslabs as an Expression of Changes in BeliefBy JORN STAECKERA Reformation of Meaning: Commemoration and Remembering the Dead in the Parish Church, 1450-1640By JONATHAN FINCHTombs of Brass are Spent: Reformation Reuse of Monumental BrassesBy ROBERT HUTCHINSON


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