The Advent of the Fatimids

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Januar 2000



This personal memoir composed by a medieval scholar reveals an important discourse with two Ismaili leaders who spearheaded the Fatimid revolution in North Africa in 909-910. By reporting the thoughts and activities of Abu 'Abdallah al-Shi'i and his brother Abu'l-Abbas over a period of seven months, Ibn al-Haytham in his Kitab al-Munazarat (The Book of Discussions) provides an unparalleled insider's view to the foundations of the Fatimid state. As such, it is a unique document in the literature of early Islamic revolutionary movements as much as it represents one of the most valuable sources for the history of the medieval Muslim world.


Wilfred Madelung is Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for Ismaili Studies in London. Paul E. Walker is an historian of ideas at the University of Chicago.


"It makes very exciting reading, not only for specialists...but for Islamicists and historians at large." "--American Journal of Islamic Social Sciences"
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