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This book is about textbooks, textbook quality and quality standards of textbooks. From a theoretical point of view, in the light of Bahtin's theory of speech genres, school textbooks are seen as a specific, complex genre, defined by the addressee. At the same time, this approach requires us to see textbooks as a cultural product. From an educational point of view, textbooks are, according to Vygotsky's theory of cultural development, a key socio-cultural aid to cognitive development in school years. Forty-three quality standards are operationally defined and explained. They can be used for compiling textbooks, for textbook accreditations, for textbook evaluation and for selection by teachers.


Slobodanka Antic is Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Special Education and Rehabilitation, University of Belgrade. Ivan Ivic is Full Professor of Developmental Psychology at the Department of Psychology, University of Belgrade. Ana PeSikan is Associate Professor at the Department of Psychology, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade.
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