Testing in Software Development

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April 1987



With the increasing application of software in systems, especially safety- or even life-critical systems, it is no longer sufficient for the software developer to rely solely on testing the code produced. Testing must begin with the specification of requirements, continue on the design and finally on the implemented system. This book gives guidance on how testing can be carried out at each of the stages of software development. It does this by looking at the development process from four viewpoints: that of the intended user of the system, of its designers, of its programmers, and of the manager responsible for development. The product of each stage of development is individually examined to see how it can be checked for correctness and consistency with earlier specifications. References are given to techniques available to the software developer and there are many helpful checklists. The contributors are all members of the British Computer Society's Working Group on Testing, and between them have an impressive breadth of practical experience in the commercial development of small and large software systems. Their combined experience makes this a most valuable book for the computing professional.


Preface; 1. Introduction; 2. The manager's view of testing; 3. The user's view of testing; 4. The designer's view of testing; 5. The programmer's view of testing; Bibliography; Index.


"This book provides valuable guidance on how testing can be integrated into all stages of the software development cycle..." Computer Book Review "...well organized...anyone concerned with software testing will find this work valuable." Computing Reviews
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