Teaching Feminist Activism: Strategies from the Field

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From theoretical analysis to practical teaching tools, an indispensable guide for educators seeking to link feminist theory and activism to their teaching. Included are web sites, videos, recommended texts, and additional course outlines.


Preface Introduction 1. Teaching Feminist Activism Experientially - Karen Bojar and Nancy Naples I. Theorizing Experiential Learning and Activist Strategies 2. The Dynamics of Critical Pedagogy, Experiential Learning and Feminist Praxis in Women's Studies - Nancy A. Naples 3. Collaborative Learning, Subversive Teaching, and Activism - Jane A. Rinehart 4. Challenging the 'Academic/Real World' Divide - Catherine M. Orr 5. Teaching Feminist Activism: Probing our Assumptions, Analyzing our Choices - Karen Bojar II. Teaching Feminist Politics Experientially 6. Teaching Community Action in the Introductory Women's Studies Classroom - Nancy A. Naples 7. Bridging Feminist Theory and Feminist Practice in a Senior Seminar - Jennifer L. Rexroat 8. Activism and the Women's Studies Curriculum - Ellen Cronan Rose III. Teaching Intersectionality: The Politics of Gender, Race, Class, and Globalization 9. Global Feminism and Activism in a Women's Studies Practicum - Kayann Short 10. Globalization and Radical Feminist Pedagogy - Anna M. Agathangelou 11. Activism and Alliance Within Campus Sisterhood Organizations - Simona J. Hill 12. The Individual and Collective Rewards of Community-Based Service Learning - Patricia Washington IV. Women's Studies, Experiential Education, and Community Partnership 13. Building Feminist Educational Alliances - Melissa Kesler Gilbert and Catherine Sameh 14. The Atlanta Semester Program in Women's Leadership and Social Change - Isa Williams 15. Women Studies and the Women and Poverty Public Education Initiative - Katherine Rhoades, Anne Statham and Mary Kay Scheiter 16. A Women's Studies Foray into Web Site Development - Rebecca Anne Allahyari Conclusion 17. Reflections on the Present and Future of Feminist Praxis in Women's Studies - Karen Bojar and Nancy A. Naples Works Cited Resources: Student Internship Settings Web Sites - Rebecca Anne Allahyari Additional Resources: Reference Guides, Publications, Videos, and Web Sites for Teaching Feminist Activism - Joan Ariel and Jennifer Rogers Contributors


Nancy Naples is Associate Professor of Sociology and Women's Studies at the University of Connecticut, and the author of several books including Community Activism and Feminist Politics. Karen Bojar is Professor of English and Women's Studies at the Community College of Philadelphia.


"This book is an essential resource for helping Women's Studies and other faculty conceptualize and carry out feminist and activist projects outside the classroom. Full of concrete examples and multiple resources, the provocative and thoughtful approaches detailed here will challenge and inform one's thinking, teaching, and research."
-Frances A. Maher, co-author of "The Feminist Classroom
"A valuable collection of essays that will interest anyone engaged in teaching some version of feminism or activism, whether labeled as such or not. Reading across these different circumstances and efforts is both illuminating and inspiring."
-Marjorie L. DeVault, author of "Liberating Method: Feminism and Social Research
"This collection is sure to stimulate interest in trying to connect the classroom with the wider world of feminist organizing and action projects. The diversity of experiences on which faculty report is broad indeed, and the frankness with which they discuss the problems as well as the rewards is reassuring. There is something here for every teacher to find relevant and inspiring."
-Myra Marx Ferree, author of "Controversy and Coalition: The New Feminist Movement Across Four Decades of Change
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