Teaching and Learning Astronomy: Effective Strategies for Educators Worldwide

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This volume highlights astronomy in the curriculum, and addresses how the teaching and learning of astronomy can be improved worldwide.


Preface; Part I. Astronomy in the Curriculum Around the World: Preface; 1. Why astronomy is useful and should be included in the school curriculum John R. Percy; 2. Astronomy and mathematics education Rosa M. Ros; 3. Astronomy in the curriculum around the world; 4. Engaging gifted science students through astronomy Robert Hollow; 5. Poster highlights: astronomy in the curriculum around the world; Part II. Astronomy Education Research: Preface; 6. Astronomy education research down under John M. Broadfoot and Ian S. Ginns; 7. A contemporary review of K-16 astronomy education research Janelle M. Bailey and Timothy F. Slater; 8. Implementing astronomy education research Leonarda Fucili; 9. The Astronomy Education Review: report on a new journal Sidney C. Wolff and Andrew Fraknoi; 10. Poster highlights: astronomy education research; Part III. Educating Students: Preface; 11. Textbooks for K-12 astronomy Jay M. Pasachoff; 12. Distance/internet astronomy education David H. McKinnon; 13. Educating students with robotic telescopes - open discussion; 14. Poster highlights - educating students; Part IV. Educating teachers: Preface; 15. Pre-service astronomy education of teachers Mary Kay Hemenway; 16. In-service education of teachers Michele Gerbaldi; 17. Poster highlights: educating teachers; Part V. Astronomy and Pseudoscience: Preface; 18. Astronomy, pseudoscience and rational thinking Jayant V. Narlikar; 19. Astronomical pseudosciences in North America John R. Percy and Jay M. Pasachoff; Part VI. Astronomy and Culture: Preface; 20. Teaching astronomy in other cultures: archeoastronomy Julieta Fierro; 21. Poster highlights: astronomy and culture; Part VII. Astronomy in Developing Countries: Preface; 22. Astronomy Curriculum for developing countries Case Rijsdijk; 23. Science education resources for the developing countries James C. White II; Part VIII. Public Outreach in Astronomy: Preface; 24. What makes informal education programs successful? Nahide Craig and Isabel Hawkins; 25. The role of science centers and planetariums Nick Lomb; 26. Science education for the new century - a European perspective Claus Madsen; 27. Communicating astronomy to the public Charles Blue; 28. Poster highlights: public outreach in astronomy; Part IX. The Education Programs of the IAU: Preface; 29. A short overview of astronomical education carried out by the IAU Syuzo Isobe; Part X. Discussion; Index.


Jay Pasachoff is a Field Memorial Professor of Astronomy at Williams College, Williamstown, Massachusetts, and President of the International Astronomical Union Commission on Education and Development. John Percy is a Professor of Astronomy and Astrophysics, and of Science Education, at the University of Toronto, Canada. He is a past President of the International Astronomical Union Commission on Education and Development.


'... its contents come from many authors speaking on many topics with diverse writing styles and levels. ... included subjects range from sources for astronomy educational research articles to how to deal with pseudoscience. The authors speak on novel classroom activities unique to their location, and they talk about national and international studies. ... What makes this book special is the care that has gone into articulating why astronomy education is important and why it is necessary to better train and support preservice and in-service science teachers. ... This book is a must-have for anyone working to add astronomy to any curriculum or to persuade funders to invest in science education. ... This isn't a beginner's book on astronomy education, but it is a book that will give the experienced astronomy educator some novel activities, new resource lists, and well-argued reasons to introduce astronomy to as many minds as possible.' Astronomy Education Review 'The editors ... are enthusiastic and prolific writers ... and this book is a well presented collection of papers, posters and discussions highlighting the importance of astronomy in national curricula from primary to tertiary level. ... an in-depth, well argued and persuasive text which I would hope could be essential reading for any with a remit in science education and particularly curriculum advisers and policy makers in national education. For others this is a reassuring read, seeing that internationally the importance of astronomy education is being realised.' Astronomy Now 'The papers presented highly interesting accounts of work in progress or critical reviews of past efforts and form a valuable resource of astronomical education. The sectional editorials are full of wisdom and good sense. ... [The contributors have] provided a service for all who are working to promote and improve astronomical education.' The Observatory
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