Teachers Responding to Religious Diversity in Europe

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März 2009



Currently, all European societies are experiencing a transformation process towards greater cultural and religious pluralisation. Teachers need new answers to turn (religious) diversity into a resource for peaceful coexistence, not a cause of misunderstanding, division and hostility.Through a qualitative approach, we follow the different strategies of teachers to cope with religious diversity in the classrooms of six European countries, from Estonia to France, from Norway to England, from Germany to the Netherlands. The juxtaposition of biographical information on the teachers, together with their views on religious diversity and their strategies in responding to it, provides a well-rounded (and extremely attractive) impression of the attitudes of teachers in Europe.The role of the teacher takes on great significance. He or she has to meet the twin demands of offering both a solid basis of factual information and the opportunity to formulate individual interpretations and opinions. The readers of this book are offered the opportunity to gain insight into the field of the study at two levels. They can access the findings of the analyses of the respective national contexts and the European comparison. At the same time, they are able to study portraits of all of the teachers interviewed in the course of the project so that the collation of data is complemented by insight into the human perspective and the influence of national contexts. This is valuable for readers as it offers material for discussions and seminars in the field of education, on two very different levels (the portraits as 'working material').


Analysis of the Teachers' Responses to Religious Diversity in the Course of the REDCo Project - A Foreword (Wolfram Weisse); The Voice of the Teacher(s) - Researching Biography and Pedagogical Strategies (Ina ter Avest & Cok Bakker); Individuality and Inclusion - English Teachers and Religious Diversity (Judith Everington); Challenges in Creating Respect for Diversity - Estonian Teachers and Religious Diversity (Olga Schihalejev); Teaching Diversity in the French Secular School - Between Deontological Distanciation and Personal Commitment (Berengere Massignon); Interreligious Learning and Students' Personal Development: German Teachers in Hamburg and Religious Diversity (Anna Kerrutt & Christine Muller); The Power of Personal Commitment - Dutch Teachers and Religious Diversity (Anna van der Want, Ina ter Avest, Cok Bakker, Gerdien Bertram-Troost & Siebren Miedema); 'Sameness' as Norm and Challenge - Norwegian Teachers and Religious Diversity (A ystein Lund Johannessen); International Comparison - Commonalities and Differences of 36 Teachers Teaching Religion(s) in Europe (Ina ter Avest, Cok Bakker & Anna van der Want); Epilogue: Research on Teaching in the Context of Diversity - a Nomadic Journey (Ina ter Avest, Cok Bakker & Anna van der Want); Appendix: Theme List for Semi-Structured Interviews (Ina ter Avest, Cok Bakker, Anna van der Want); Portraits of the Interviewed Teachers


Cok Bakker (1963) is professor of Religious Education at Utrecht University, the Netherlands.
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