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This volume comprises the recent development in the theoretical and experimental progress dedicated to trapped charged particles and related fundamental physics and applications. The content has been divided topic-wise covering basic questions of Fundamental Physics, Quantum and QED Effects, Plasmas and Collective Behavior and Anti-Hydrogen. More technical issues include Storage Ring Physics, Precision Spectroscopy and Frequency Standards, Highly Charged Ions in Traps, Traps for Radioactive Isotopes and New Techniques and Facilities. An applied aspect of ion trapping is discussed in section devoted to Applications of Particle Trapping including Quantum Information, Chemistry and Trace Analysis. Each topic has a more general introduction, but also more detailed contributions are included. A selection of contributions exemplifies the interdisciplinary nature of the research on trapped charged particles worldwide. Reprinted from Hyperfine Interactions (HYPE) Volumes XXX


Fundamental Interactions and Symmetries.
Storage Ring Physics.
Highly Charged Ion Traps.
Traps for radioactive Isotopes.
Quantum State Manipulation.
Precision Spectroscopy.



Prof. Ari Jokinen Dr. Tommi Eronen Dr. Anu Kankainen Prof. Juha Äystö Department of Physics P.O. Box 35 40014 UNIVERSITY OF JYVÄSKYLÄ Finland
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Untertitel: Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Trapped Charged Particles and Fundamental Physics (TCP2010) held in Tunturihotelli in Saariselkä, Finland, April 12-16, 2010. 2011. Auflage. Previously published in hardcover. Sprache: Englisch.
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