Systems Approaches and Their Application

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September 2004



Within a conceptual framework that is developed in the two first chapters, the actual application of systems thinking is described across a broad field of cases representing research, teaching, decision support and construction. All cases are presented by experts who have actually been involved in the activities they describe. Thus, the broad selection of cases captures the great variation of systems thinking and how it is integrated into models and theories and solid knowledge pertaining to different substantive areas. At the same time all case study authors address the same set of questions that are developed in the conceptual chapters. This gives comparability across cases - chapters - and brings cohesion to the book. The focus on Sweden, an advanced country in systems thinking, reinforces the unitary context in which comparison can be made between a systems approach for better research (theory), better practice and better design and construction.


Preface; Lisa Sennerby Forsse and Uno Svedin
Editors' Preface; Mats-Olov Olsson and Gunnar Sjöstedt
Introduction; Uno Svedin Part I: The Systems Approach: History and Schools of Thinking
1. Systems and Systems Theory; Mats-Olov Olsson and Gunnar Sjöstedt
2. Schools of Systems Thinking Development Trends in Systems Methodology; Mats-Olov Olsson Part II: Systems Analysis in Sweden - Examples of Projects Using a Systems Approach Part II-A: A Systems Approach for Better Theory
3. Systems Analysis in Geography; Stefan Anderberg
4. Multi-Agent Systems, Time Geography, and Microsimulations; Magnus Boman and Einar Holm
5. Analyzing Biological Systems: the Brain as an Example; Hans Liljenström and Peter Arhem
6. Defining the Concept of Sustainability - a Matter of Systems Thinking and Applied Systems Analysis; Harald Sverdrup and Mats G.E. Svensson Part II-B: Systems Analysis for Better Practice
7. Scenario-Based Methodologies for Strategy Development and Management of Change; E. Anders Eriksson
8. 'Sweden in the Year 2021' - A Systems Study of Sweden's Future Environment; Anita Linell
9. Environmental Accounts - a Tool for Interdisciplinary Analysis; Sofia Ahlroth
10. Environmental Systems Analysis - Some Ongoing Research and Ideas About Future Developments; Anna Björklund
11. Some Properties of Environmental Systems Analysis Tools - Life Cycle Assessment as an Example; Göran Finnveden, Tomas Ekvall and Asa Moberg
12. Systems Approaches in Development Work; Semida Silveira 13. The Systems Approach in Research on International Relations: The wro Negotiations; Gunnar Sjöstedt Part II-C: Systems Thinking for Better Design and Construction
14. Humans and Complex Systems: Sustainable Information Societies; Rune Gustavsson and Martin Fredriksson
15 Large Technical Systems: a Multidisciplinary Research Tradition; Lena Ewertsson and Lars Ingelstam Part III: Development Trends, Future Prospects and Needs
16. Systemic Interventions in Sweden: Some Discernible Patterns; Mats-Olov Olsson and Gunnar Sjöstedt
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