Surgical Techniques in Total Knee Arthroplasty

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Januar 2002



Currently, younger and more active patients with arthritis, trauma and other joint diseases are getting predictable and durable results from total knee arthroplasty. Studies show that this procedure maintains a high level of performance, longevity and patient satisfaction for all age groups. Two well-known knee experts have assembled a group of "giants" in the field to presenta book encompassing the best techniques for total knee arthroplasty. Concise chapters covers indications, contraindications, complications, results, instrumentation, infection, preoperative planning, prosthetic choice, revision arthroplasty, and more - with the emphasis on the best techniques and surgical "pearls", supported by line drawings, intraoperative photographs and radiographs. This definitive volume will serve as the complete and quick reference on "how to do" total knee arthroplasty.


From the contents: - Introduction - 1. Preoperative Planning - 2. Surgical Approaches - 3. Correction of Deformity - 4. Bone Defects - 5. Patellar Preparation - 6. Patellar Tracking - 7. Component Position - 8. Instrumentation - 9. Fixation - 10. Prosthetic Choice - 11. Revision Arthroplasty - 12. Infection - 13. Extensor Mechanism Dysfunction - 14. Periprosthetic Fractures - 15. Classification of Bone Defects - 16. Other - 17. Extra-Articular Deformity in TKA - 18. Management of Soft Tissues and Previous Incisions - 19. Rehabilitation - 20. Arthroscopic Management of Problematic TKA - 21. Glossary of Implants


From the reviews:
"...this is a thorough textbook that is appropriate for orthopaedists with a special interest in total knee arthroplasty. The bookÆs greatest strengths lie in the extensive clinical experience of its many authors and in the clear presentation of the material." (Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery)
"This book, dedicated to John Insall, is a broad description of the technique of implantation of a total knee prosthesis ... . Preoperative assessment and planning are described extensively. Clinical evaluation is detailed with the most used knee scores. All currently available prosthetic designs are presented. ... this book actually provides very interesting and relevant practical guidelines. The reader will get a comprehensive overview of all clinical and technical findings ... ." (Jean-Yves Jenny, European Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery & Traumatology, Vol. 13 (3), 2003)
"This book which focuses on surgical technique in primary and revision knee arthroplasty includes 92 chapters distributed in 21 sections ... . Each chapter presents a wealth of information in a concise way. ... Overall this book ... is a convenient concentration in a heavy but one-piece volume of a wealth of information covering virtually all aspects of knee arthroplasty. It should be of interest to every surgeon involved in knee arthroplasty ... ." (R. Lemaire, Acta Orthopaedica Belgica, Vol. 68 (5), 2002)
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