Supply Chain Optimization

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August 2005



Supply Chain Optimization captures the latest results in a segment of current research activity in supply chain management. This research area focuses on applying optimization techniques to supply chain management problems. The research papers that make up the volume provide a snapshot of state-of-the-art optimization methods within the field. This book presents rigorous modelling approaches for supply chain operations problems with a goal of improving supply chain performance (or the performance of some segment thereof). It contains high-quality works from leading researchers in the field whose expertise fits within this scope. The book provides a diverse blend of research topics and novel modelling and solution approaches for difficult classes of supply chain operations, planning, and design problems.


1. Information Centric Optimization in Capacitated Supply Chains (Srinagesh Gavirneni).- 2. Advance Booking Discount Programs Between Competing Retailers (Kevin F. McCardle, Kumar Rajaram, Christopher S. Tang).- 3. Third Party Logistics Planning with Routing and Inventory Costs (Alexandra M. Newman, Candace A. Yano, Philip M. Kaminsky).- 4. Investment Strategies for Flexible Resources Considering Pricing (Ebru K. Bish).- 5. Multi-Channel Supply Chain Design in B2C Electronic Commerce (Wei-yu Kevin Chiang, Dilip Chhajed).- 6. Using Shapley Value To Allocate Savings in a Supply Chain (John J. Bartholdi, III, Eda Kemahlioglu-Ziya).- 7. Facility Location & Design with Pricing andWait-Time Considerations (Michael S. Pangburn, Euthemia Stavrulaki).- 8. A Conceptual Framework for Robust Supply Chain Design (Yin Mo and Terry P. Harrison).- 9. The Design of Production-Distribution Networks (Alain Martel).- 10. Stochastic Programming Problems in Supply Chain Management (Alan Dormer, Alkis Vazacopoulos, Nitin Verma, and Horia Tipi).- 11. Dispatching Automated Guided Vehicles in a Container Terminal (Yong-Leong Cheng, Hock-Chan Sen, Karthik Natarajan,Chung-Piaw Teo, Kok-Choon Tan).- 12. Hybrid MIP-CP techniques in Xpress-CP for Multi-Machine Scheduling (Alkis Vazacopoulos and Nitin Verma).


From the reviews:
"The editors have aimed to capture a segment of recent research activity in supply chain management. ... The research is based on a wide range of studies, including retailing, a logistics provider, service facility location and the design of production - distribution networks. ... There are nuggets of information in the book ... . The relevance of the book lies in the pulling together of important research." (Brian Farrington, Supply Management, March, 2006)
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