Supply Chain Analysis

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This is a carefully developed work focused on the analysis of supply chain interaction issues in emerging markets and industry sectors. It is a leading-edge handbook that will emphasize areas of study where, thus far, little work has been done and where the "rubber meets the road" - the supply chain process, information, and systems integration. These are pertinent issues facing practitioners and researchers in today's business environment. This is a gap-bridging handbook that analyzes interaction issues from both the research and practitioner sides. The result is a volume that examines and provides practical solutions on interaction issues while being firmly grounded in research principles.


Supply Chain Configurations of Foreign Cosmetics Companies Operating in China.- Structural Supply Chain Collaboration Among Grocery Manufacturers.- Supply Chain Management in the Chemical Industry: Trends, Issues, and Research Interests.- Berth Allocation Planning Optimization in Container Terminals.- Merchandise Planning Models for Fashion Retailing.- Supply Chain Management in the Presence of Secondary Market.- Global Diffusion of ISO 9000 Certification Through Supply Chains.- Risk Management in Global Supply Chain Networks.- Trust and Power Influences in Supply Chain Collaboration.- Foreign Direct Investment or Outsourcing: A Tax Integrated Supply Chain Decision Model.- Integrating Demand and Supply Chains.- Mumbai Tiffin (Dabba) Express.


From the reviews: "The authors of 'Supply Chain Analysis' collected twelve academic articles that discuss specific branches (supermarkets, chemicals, cosmetics, containers, clothing and second-hand goods) and that view topical themes ... in a academic and sometimes mathematical context. Every chapter is, in fact, a well thought-out article about subjects that really ... should, take up an entire book by themselves. ... this book is successful initiative towards taking a more scientific approach to supply chain management, without losing track of practical usefulness." (Supply Chain Movement, October, 2009) "'Supply Chain Analysis: A Handbook on the Interaction of Information, System and Optimisation' is an informative and wide-ranging collection of supply chain analysis research in line with Springer's series of titles on this subject. ... Several chapters use more descriptive and qualitative investigation techniques to covey the issues of their particular problem. A number of studies combine both approaches in a very informative way. ... it is an interesting collection for those interested in the analysis of supply chains." (H. Daly, Journal of the Operational Research Society, Vol. 61, 2010)
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