Study of Travelling Interplanetary Phenomena 1977

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The Study of Travelling Interplanetary Phenomena (STIP) was formally established by the International Council of Scientific Unions' Special Committee on Solar-Terrestrial Physics (SCOSTEP) in August 1973 with M. Dryer as Convenor and M. A. Shea as Secretary. The scientific objec­ tives of STIP are the study and search for understanding of quiet (i.e. normal or background) and active periods in the interplanetary medium. The concepts of informal, extemporaneous interdisciplinary research is continuo~sly emphasised, and these concepts have proved to be extremely successful in conducting the very productive studies undertaken by the members. About 200 scientists are actively participating in STIP, their interests ranging from solar physics (insofar as it concerns the initi­ ation of phenomena which move out from the Sun) to the observation and study of comets and planetary magneto spheres and ionospheres. Solar wind plasma and fields, solar and galactic cosmic rays, interstellar interactions, solar radio astronomy and interplanetary scintillations of discrete radio sources are among the topics of interest.


I. Solar Physics as it Concerns the Study of Travelling Interplanetary Phenomena (STIP).- Mass Ejections from the Solar Corona into Interplanetary Space.- Energetic Solar Flare Particles and Interplanetary Shock Waves.- Dynamic Modeling of Coronal and Interplanetary Responses to Solar Events.- II. Solar Radio Astronomy and Interplanetary Scintillations.- Solar Stereo Radioastronomy.- Measurements of the Solar Wind Using Spacecraft Radio Scattering Observations.- Observations of Interplanetary Scintillation: Solar Wind Velocity Measurements.- Scintillation Observations of the Interplanetary Plasma.- III. Solar Wind Theory and Observations.- The Three-Dimensional Structure of the Interplanetary Medium.- Theoretical Contributions to Solar Wind Research - A Review.- The Large Scale and Long Term Evolution of the Solar Wind Speed Distribution and High Speed Streams.- Pioneer 10, 11 Observations of Evolving Solar Wind Streams and Shocks Beyond 1 AU.- Wave-Particle Interaction Phenomena Associated with Shocks in the Solar Wind.- IV. Cometary Topics.- Comets in the STIP Context.- The Comet-Solar Wind Interaction.- Solar Wind Interaction with Type-1 Comet Tails.- V. Solar Cosmic Ray Propagation, Modulation, and Interplanetary Acceleration.- Signatures of Solar Cosmic Ray Events and Their Relation to Propagation and Acceleration Processes.- Solar Energetic Particles Below 10 MeV.- Acceleration and Modulation of Electrons and Ions by Propagating Interplanetary Shocks.- VI. Study of Travelling Interplanetary Phenomena - Stip Interval I and Stip Interval II.- A Summary of Significant Solar-Initiated Events During STIP Intervals I and II.- Overview of the HELIOS 1 and HELIOS 2 Missions and Their Participation in STIP Intervals I and II.- Index of Authors Cited.
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