String Processing and Information Retrieval

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September 2003



This volume of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science series provides a c- prehensive, state-of-the-art survey of recent advances in string processing and information retrieval. It includes invited and research papers presented at the 10th International Symposium on String Processing and Information Retrieval, SPIRE 2003, held in Manaus, Brazil. SPIRE 2003 received 54 full submissions from 17 countries, namely: - gentina(2), Australia(2), Brazil(9),Canada(1),Chile (4),Colombia(2),Czech Republic (1), Finland (10), France (1), Japan (2), Korea (5), Malaysia (1), P- tugal (2), Spain (6), Turkey (1), UK (1), USA (4) - the numbers in parentheses indicate the number of submissions from that country. In the nontrivial task of selecting the papers to be published in these proceedings we were fortunate to count on a very international program committee with 43 members, represe- ing all continents but one. These people, in turn, used the help of 40 external referees. During the review processall but a few papers had four reviewsinstead of the usual three, and at the end 21 submissions were accepted to be p- lished as full papers, yielding an acceptance rate of about 38%. An additional set of six short papers was also accepted. The technical program spans over the two well-de?ned scopes of SPIRE (string processing and information retrieval) with a number of papers also focusing on important application domains such as bioinformatics. SPIRE 2003 also features two invited speakers: Krishna Bharat (Google, Inc. ) and Joa ~o Meidanis (State Univ. of Campinas and Scylla Bioinformatics).


Invited Papers.- Patterns on the Web.- Current Challenges in Bioinformatics.- Web Algorithms.- What's Changed? Measuring Document Change in Web Crawling for Search Engines.- Link Information as a Similarity Measure in Web Classification.- A Three Level Search Engine Index Based in Query Log Distribution.- Bit-Parallel Algorithms.- Row-wise Tiling for the Myers' Bit-Parallel Approximate String Matching Algorithm.- Alternative Algorithms for Bit-Parallel String Matching.- Bit-Parallel Approximate String Matching Algorithms with Transposition.- Compression.- Processing of Huffman Compressed Texts with a Super-Alphabet.- (S,C)-Dense Coding: An Optimized Compression Code for Natural Language Text Databases.- Linear-Time Off-Line Text Compression by Longest-First Substitution.- SCM: Structural Contexts Model for Improving Compression in Semistructured Text Databases.- Categorization and Ranking.- Ranking Structured Documents Using Utility Theory in the Bayesian Network Retrieval Model.- An Empirical Comparison of Text Categorization Methods.- Improving Text Retrieval in Medical Collections Through Automatic Categorization.- Music Retrieval.- A Bit-Parallel Suffix Automaton Approach for (?,?)-Matching in Music Retrieval.- Flexible and Efficient Bit-Parallel Techniques for Transposition Invariant Approximate Matching in Music Retrieval.- Multilingual Information Retrieval.- FindStem: Analysis and Evaluation of a Turkish Stemming Algorithm.- Non-adjacent Digrams Improve Matching of Cross-Lingual Spelling Variants.- The Implementation and Evaluation of a Lexicon-Based Stemmer.- French Noun Phrase Indexing and Mining for an Information Retrieval System.- Subsequences and Distributed Algorithms.- New Refinement Techniques for Longest Common Subsequence Algorithms.- The Size of Subsequence Automaton.- Distributed Query Processing Using Suffix Arrays.- Algorithms on Strings and Trees.- BFT: Bit Filtration Technique for Approximate String Join in Biological Databases.- A Practical Index for Genome Searching.- Using WordNet for Word Sense Disambiguation to Support Concept Map Construction.- Memory-Adaptative Dynamic Spatial Approximation Trees.- Large Edit Distance with Multiple Block Operations.


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