Stress and Mental Health

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Juli 1994



Providing fresh insights into the complex relationship between stress and mental health, internationally recognized contributors identifie emerging conceptual issues, highlight promising avenues for further study, and detail novel methodological techniques for addressing contemporary empirical problems. Specific coverage includes stressful life events, chronic strains, psychosocial resources and mediators, vulnerability to stress, and mental health outcomes-thus providing researchers with a tool to take stock of the past and future of this field.


Introduction: Introduction and Overview; W.R. Avision, I.H. Gotlib. Stressful Life Events: Unravelling Complexity; D.E. McLean, B.G. Link. Measuring Life Stress and Assessing its Impact on Mental Health; S.M. Monroe, J.R. McQuaid. Chronic Strains: Sampling the Stress Universe; B. Wheaton. The Daily Grind; E.G. Menaghan. Psychosocial Resources and Mediators: General and Specific Perceptions of Social Support; I.G. Sarason, et al. Psychosocial Resources and the Stress Process; R.J. Turner, P. Roszell. Vulnerability to Stress: Life Stressors and Mental Health; C.J. Holahan, R.H. Moos. The Disaggregation of Vulnerability to Depression as a Function of the Determinants of Onset and Recurrence; R.G. Kessler, W.J. Magee. The Dependent Variable in Stress Research: The Advantages of Indexes over Diagnoses in Scientific Assessment; J. Mirowsky. Psychophysiological and Behavioral Measurement of Stress; N. Lester, et al. Conclusion: Future Prospects for Stress Research; W.R. Avison, I.H. Gotlib. Index.
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