Stream Data Management

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April 2005



Researchers in data management have recently recognized the importance of a new class of data-intensive applications that requires managing data streams, i.e., data composed of continuous, real-time sequence of items. Streaming applications pose new and interesting challenges for data management systems. Such application domains require queries to be evaluated continuously as opposed to the one time evaluation of a query for traditional applications. Streaming data sets grow continuously and queries must be evaluated on such unbounded data sets. These, as well as other challenges, require a major rethink of almost all aspects of traditional database management systems to support streaming applications. Stream Data Management comprises eight invited chapters by researchers active in stream data management. The collected chapters provide exposition of algorithms, languages, as well as systems proposed and implemented for managing streaming data. Stream Data Management is designed to appeal to researchers or practitioners already involved in stream data management, as well as to those starting out in this area. This book is also suitable for graduate students in computer science interested in learning about stream data management.


to Stream Data Management.- Query Execution and Optimization.- Filtering, Punctuation, Windows and Synopses.- XML & Data Streams.- CAPE: A Constraint-Aware Adaptive Stream Processing Engine.- Efficient Support for Time Series Queries in Data Stream Management Systems.- Managing Distributed Geographical Data Streams with the GIDB Portal System.- Streaming Data Dissemination Using Peer-Peer Systems.


From the reviews:
"This recent addition to the 'Advances in Database Systems' series surveys the latest research in the handling of data streams. ... The chapters are written by well-known researchers ... . This book is recommended for researchers who want to get up to speed quickly on the latest ideas in data stream management. Application developers who deal with real-time data streams will also benefit by gaining an understanding of the challenges and the research insights that will lead the way to effective system solutions." (A. Hevner, Computing Reviews, January, 2006)
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