Strategic Issues in International Retailing

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This significant book takes a strategic approach to international retailing, examining in-depth studies of several retailers, and marrying theory with practice to clearly present material for students at every level.


1. The Increase in International Activity by Retailers 2. Retail Internationalisation as a Process 3. Building an International Retail Strategy 4. Inditex - Zara: Re-Writing the Rules in Apparel Retailing 5. Carrefour: Being Aware of the Domestic Market! 6. The Boots Group Plc: Rethinking the Formula 7. Royal Ahold: Multi-National, Multi-Channel, Multi-Format Food Provider 8. Tesco: Transferring Marketing Success Factors Internationally 9. The International Transfer of Key Success Factors. Conclusions.


'John Dawson is recognized as one of the leading authorities on international retailing. Strategic Issues in International Retailing is a welcome addition to the field. An important aspect of the book is its thoughtful integration of both the conceptual and empirical perspective on the process of retail internationalization. It thoughtfully provides critical assessment of the current growth of international retail by examining the process of internationalization within the context of a retail organization s strategic planning. Based on this framework the experiences of number of major retail organizations Zara, Carrefour, Boots, Royal Ahold and Tesco can be evaluated. For those interested in understanding the complexities of international retailing, this book is a must read.' - Ken Jones, Dean, Faculty of Business, Ryerson University
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