Strategic Information Management: Challenges and Strategies in Managing Information Systems

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-- Includes key articles from leading experts in North America and Europe-- Discussion questions are included at the end of each chapter-- Addresses prominent themes in the field of information systems managementThis new edition has been fully updated to reflect the changes in the field, and new articles have been included, particularly in the third section, "The Information Systems Strategy: Business Strategy." These articles address social dimensions, alignment between business and information technology objectives, the dynamics of alignment, strategy and the Internet, technology management taxonomies, evaluation of investments in information systems, organizational learning, and much more.


List of contributors; Preface; Introduction; Information systems strategy - The evolving information systems strategy; Information strategy; Information management strategy (organizing the information systems function); Change management strategy; Information systems planning - Information systems plans in context: the information systems planning environment; Information systems plans in context: a global perspective; Approaches to information systems planning; The information systems planning process; Evaluating the outcomes of information systems plans; The information systems strategy: business strategy relationship - Information systems and business strategy: an overview; Measuring the information systems: business strategy relationship; Information Systems-Business Strategy alignment; Strategies in response to the potential of electronic commerce; The strategic potential of the internet; Evaluating the impact of IT on the organization; Information systems strategy and the organizational environment - The information technology and organizational structure relationship; Information technology and organizational design relationship; Information Technology and organizational decision making; Information technology and organizational culture; Information Systems and Organizational learning; Information systems and customer relationship management; Information Technology and organizational performance; Author index; Subject index.
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