Strabo's Cultural Geography: The Making of a Kolossourgia

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Wide-ranging 2005 exploration of Strabo's Geography by an international team of scholars.


Introduction; 1. Kolossourgia. 'A colossal statue of a work' Sarah Pothecary; 2. Reflections of philosophy: Strabo and geographical sources Christina Horst Roseman; 3. Who is a barbarian? The barbarians in the ethnological and cultural taxonomies of Strabo Eran Almagor; 4. Gender at the crossroads of empire: locating women in Strabo's Geography Denise Eileen McCoskey; 5. Strabo and Homer: a chapter in cultural history Anna Maria Biraschi; 6. Strabo's use of poetry Daniela Dueck; 7. Strabo's sources in the light of a tale Nikos Litinas; 8. The foundation of Greek colonies and their main features in Strabo: a portrayal lacking homogeneity? Francesco Trotta; 9. 'Men of high reputation' in Strabo's Geography Johannes Engels; 10. Comparing Strabo with Pausanias: Greece in context vs. Greece in depth Maria Pretzler; 11. The European provinces: Strabo as evidence Sarah Pothecary; 12. Amasya and Strabo's patria in Pontus Hugh Lindsay; 13. Cappadocia through Strabo's eyes Silvia Panichi; 14. Greek geography and Roman empire: the transformation of tradition in Strabo's Euxine David Braund; 15. Josephus' hidden dialogue with Strabo Yuval Shahar; 16. Temporal layers within Strabo's description of Coele Syria, Phoenicia and Judaea Ze'ev Safrai.


Daniela Dueck is Lecturer in Classics and History at Bar Ilan University. She is the author of Strabo of Amasia: A Greek Man of Letters in Augustan Rome (2000). Hugh Lindsay is Lecturer in Classics at the University of Newcastle, New South Wales. He is the author of Suetonius Caligula (1993), Suetonius Tiberius (1995) and a wide range of articles on the ancient world. Sarah Pothecary is an independent scholar. She has published a range of articles on Strabo and related topics which have appeared in journals such as Phoenix, Mnemosyne and Classical Philology.

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