Statistical Energy Analysis: An Overview, with Applications in Structural Dynamics

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This volume provides an up-to-date overview of statistical energy analysis and its applications in structural vibration. It brings together nine articles by experts in S.E.A. from around the world, beginning with an introduction and overview of the technique describing its key successes, potential and limitations. Following chapters look in more detail at a selection of cases and examples that together illustrate the scope and power of the technique. The editors have included a chapter by Chohan et al. discussing nonconservatively coupled systems.


Preface; 1. Statistical energy analysis: a critical overview F. J. Fahy; 2. Statistical energy analysis as a tool for the quantifying of sound and vibration M. Heckl and M. Levit; 3. Measurement of S.E.A. coupling loss factors using point mobilities C. Cacciolati and J. L. Guyader; 4. Formulation of S.E.A. parameters using mobility functions J. E. Manning; 5. Wave intensity analysis of high frequency vibrations R. S. Langley and A. N. Bercin; 6. Advanced statistical energy analysis (A.S.E.A.) K. H. Heron; 7. Vibration transmission through symmetric resonant couplings D. J. Allwright, M. Blakemore, P. R. Brazier-Smith and J. Woodhouse; 8. Statistics of energy flows in spring-coupled one-dimensional subsystems C. S. Manohar and A. J. Keane; 9. Statistical energy analysis of nonconservatively coupled systems M. Beshara, G. Y. Chohan, A. J. Keane and W. G. Price; References; Index.


'... a valuable assembly of key contributions to the topic ... I commend it strongly to all who have an interest in the response of structures to dynamic loads.' B. L. Clarkson, Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers
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