Static Analysis

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September 1993



This volume constitutes the proceedings of the third
International Workshop on Static Analysis (WSA`93), held in
Padova, Italy, in September 1993. The objective of the
international workshop series WSA is to serve as a forum for
the discussion of the various aspects of static analysis in
different programming paradigms. The clearly increasing
mumbers of submitted papers and workshop participants point
out the growing importance of static analysis techniques for
logical, functional, concurrent and parallel languages as
well as for parallel term rewriting systems.
This proceedings contains, besides the abstracts or full
papers of the invited talks given by Pascal Van Hentenryck,
Peter van Roy, and Paul Hudak, full versions of the 20
contributed papers selected from a total of 68 submissions
by an international program committee consisting of many
renown researchers in the field. The volume is organized in
sections on fixpoint computation, concurrency, parallelism,
transformation, logic programs, term rewriting systems,
strictness, reasoning about programs, and types.


The impact of granularity in abstract interpretation of Prolog.- Optimization techniques for general purpose fixpoint algorithms practical efficiency for the abstract interpretation of Prolog.- Chaotic fixpoint iteration guided by dynamic dependency.- Fast abstract interpretation using sequential algorithms.- Abstract interpretation and verification of reactive systems.- Semantics and analysis of linda-based languages.- Compiling FX on the CM-2.- Combining dependability with architectural adaptability by means of the signal language.- Challenges in developing useful and practical static analysis for logic programs.- Occam's razor in metacomputation: the notion of a perfect process tree.- Tupling functions with multiple recursion parameters.- Avoiding repeated tests in pattern matching.- Freeness, sharing, linearity and correctness - All at once.- Synthesis of directionality information for functional logic programs.- Abstract rewriting.- Reflections on program optimization.- Finiteness conditions for strictness analysis.- Strictness properties of lazy algebraic datatypes.- Minimal thunkification.- An efficient abductive reasoning system based on program analysis.- A congruence for gamma programs.- Usage analysis with natural reduction types.- Polymorphic types and widening operators.- Demonstration: static analysis of AKL.
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