Standards of Mouse Model Phenotyping

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This is the first book in the field of mouse genetics to provide comprehensive and standardized methods for the characterization of laboratory mice. The editor is Director of the German Mouse Clinic and member of the Project Committee of the German National Genome Research Network and provides here a brief introduction to the mouse as a model for diseases and functional analysis of genes and proteins. Throughout, he focuses on the characterization of mouse models using the latest phenotyping methods, with the different areas presented in a clearly structured and easily accessible manner.


Generation of mouse models
Endocrinologic anomalies
Metabolic analysis
Neurologic disorders
Lung function
Nociceptive features
Eye disorders
Molecular phenotyping
Cardio-vascular disorders
Host-pathogen interactions


Dr Hrabe de Angelis is Director if theInstitute of Experimental Genetics, in Munich, Germany and Director of the European Mouse Mutant Archive (EMMA), in Monterotondo, Italy. He is also cofounder of "INGENIUM Biopharmaceuticals AG".

Processor Pierre Chambon is the director of the Institute of Genetics, Molecular and Cell Biology in Strasbourg. He has won numerous scientific prizes including the CNRS Gold Medal and the Grand Prix of the Foundation of Medical Reseach.

Professor Steve Brown is Director of the Mammalian Genetics Unit of the MRC in Harwell, UK, and is a member of EMBO.

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