Stalinism: The Essential Readings

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Dezember 2002



This book comprises 11 essays on Stalinism by both eminent historians and younger scholars who have conducted research in the newly opened Russian archives. They discuss both the origins and consequences of Stalinism, and illustrate recent scholarly trends in the field of Soviet history. A collection of essays on Stalinism by both eminent and younger scholars. Discusses both the origins and consequences of Stalinism. Provides an overview of the debates for students new to the subject. Includes the results of research in the newly opened Russian archives.


Acknowledgements. Glossary. Introduction: Interpretations of Stalinism: David L. Hoffmann (The Ohio State University). Part I: The Origins of Stalinism: 1. Stalin's Role: Stalin and his Stalinism: Power and Authority in the Soviet Union, 1930 - 53: Ronald Grigor Suny. (University of Chicago). 2. Social Origins: Grappling with Stalinism: Moshe Lewin (University of Pennsylvania). 3. Socialist Ideology: The Soviet Tragedy: A History of Socialism in Russia: Martin Malia. 4. The Foreign Threat: The Objectives of the Great Terror, 1937 - 38: Oleg Khlevnyuk. 5. The Welfare State: Magnetic Mountain: Stalinism as a Civilization: Stephen Kotkin. 6. State Violence: State Violence as Technique: The Logic of Violence in Soviet Totalitarianism: Peter Holquist (Cornell University). Part II: The Consequences of Stalinism: 7. Resistance and Conformity: Everyday Stalinism: Ordinary Life in Extraordinary Times: Sheila Fitzpatrick (University of Chicago). 8. Stalinist Subjectivity: Working, Struggling, Becoming: Stalin-Era Autobiographical Texts: Jochen Hellbeck (University of Giessen. 9. Women and Gender: Women in Soviet Society: Equality, Development, and Social Change: Gail Warshofsky Lapidus. 10. Ethnicity and Nationality: Nature and Nurture in a Socialist Utopia: Delineating the Soviet Socio-Ethnic Body in the Age of Socialism: Amir Weiner (Stanford University). 11. The Postwar Years: Russia after the War: Hopes, Illusions, and Disappointments: Elena Zubkova. Index.


David L. Hoffmann is Associate Professor of History at Ohio State University where he teaches Russian History, including an upper-level course on Stalinism. His research focuses on the political, social, and cultural history of the Stalin era. He is author of Peasant Metropolis: Social Identities in Moscow, 1929-1941 (1994); Stalinist Values: The Cultural Norms of Soviet Modernity, 1917-1941 (forthcoming, 2003). He is also the co-editor of Russian Modernity: Politics, Knowledge, Practices (2000), and the co-author of Cultivating the Masses: The Modern Social State in Russia, 1914-1941 (forthcoming).


"The often contentious scholarly arguments about the character of Stalinism are fully represented in this important volume assembled and introduced by Ohio State's David Hoffmann. Perfect for the classroom, the essays in this book contain some of the best recent research and thinking about Stalin's key role in Russian History."Norman Naimark, Stanford University "This is a collection of enormous value to anyone seeking to understand the causes and consequences of Stalin's despotic transformation of Soviet society. It brings together some of the finest historical writing, including more recent scholarship, to reflect the diversity of interpretation of this grim but vitally important episode in twentieth-century history." Steve Smith, University of Essex "Soviet historical studies have been reanimated ... Students and teachers oof this period confront a proliferation of authorities and viewpoints. The strength of David Hoffmann's collection is in its attempt to replect this variety of views." Continuity and Change "Brilliant and illuminating analyses. Hoffman provides a range of first-rate critiques of the regime from various angles." Journal of Genocide Research
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