Stalin: A New History

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Leading international experts challenge many assumptions about Stalin from his early life to the Cold War years.


1. Joseph Stalin: power and ideas Sarah Davies and James Harris; 2. Stalin as Georgian: the formative years Alfred Rieber; 3. Stalin as commissar for nationalities affairs, 1918-22 Jeremy Smith; 4. Stalin as General Secretary: the appointments process and the nature of Stalin's power James Harris; 5. Stalin as 'Prime Minister': power and the Politburo J. Arch Getty; 6. Stalin as dictator: the personalisation of power Oleg Khlevniuk; 7. Stalin as economic policy-maker: Soviet agriculture, 1931-6 R. W. Davies; 8. Stalin as foreign policy-maker: avoiding war, 1927-53 Alfred Rieber; 9. Stalin as Marxist: the western roots of Stalin's Russification of Marxism Erik van Ree; 10. Stalin as Bolshevik Romantic: ideology and mobilisation, 1917-39 David Priestland; 11. Stalin as patron of cinema: creating Soviet mass culture, 1932-6 Sarah Davies; 12. Stalin as producer: the Moscow show trials and the construction of mortal threats William Chase; 13. Stalin as symbol: a case study of the personality cult and its construction David Brandenberger; 14. Stalin as the Coryphaeus of science: ideology and knowledge in the postwar years Ethan Pollock.


Sarah Davies is LECTURER in HISTORY at the UNIVERSITY OF DURHAM. She is THE AUTHOR OF POPULAR OPINION IN STALIN'S RUSSIA: TERROR, PROPAGANDA AND DISSENT 1934-1941 (1997). James Harris is LECTURER in HISTORY at the UNIVERSITY OF Leeds. He is the author of The Great Urals: Regionalism and the Evolution of the Soviet System (1999).


"Editors Sarah Davies and James Harris have done students of twentieth-century Russian history a real service by compiling these essays." -Robert Himmer, The Russian Review "With this outstanding collection, Davies and Harris not only present a more compelling and comprehensive individual but greatly advance our understanding the Soviet state under Stalin." Golfo Alexopoulos, American Historical Review "the book will be of interest and value for students of Russian history." -The NYMAS Review
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