Speech Separation by Humans and Machines

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November 2004



This book is appropriate for those specializing in speech science, hearing science, neuroscience, or computer science and engineers working on applications such as automatic speech recognition, cochlear implants, hands-free telephones, sound recording, multimedia indexing and retrieval.


Speech Segregation: Problems and Perspectives.- Auditory Scene Analysis.- Speech separation.- Recurrent Timing Nets for F0-based Speaker Separation.- Blind Source Separation Using Graphical Models.- Speech Recognizer Based Maximum Likelihood Beamforming.- Exploiting Redundancy to Construct Listening Systems.- Automatic Speech Processing by Inference in Generative Models.- Signal Separation Motivated by Human Auditory Perception: Applications to Automatic Speech Recognition.- Speech Segregation Using an Event-synchronous Auditory Image and STRAIGHT.- Underlying Principles of a High-quality Speech Manipulation System STRAIGHT and Its Application to Speech Segregation.- On Ideal Binary Mask As the Computational Goal of Auditory Scene Analysis.- The History and Future of CASA.- Techniques for Robust Speech Recognition in Noisy and Reverberant Conditions.- Source Separation, Localization, and Comprehension in Humans, Machines, and Human-machine Systems.- The Cancellation Principle in Acoustic Scene Analysis.- Informational and Energetic Masking Effects in Multitalker Speech Perception.- Masking the Feature Information In Multi-stream Speech-analogue Displays.- Interplay Between Visual and Audio Scene Analysis.- Evaluating Speech Separation Systems.- Making Sense of Everyday Speech: a Glimpsing Account.
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