Specification and Verification of Concurrent Systems

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Juli 1990



"Papers presented at the BCS-FACS Workshop on Specification and Verification of Concurrent Systems held on 6-8 July 1988, at the University of Stirling, Scotland"--Pref.


1. The Interplay of Theory and Practice in a Parallel Object-Oriented Language.
- 2. Object-Oriented Process Specification.
- 3. Formal Object Oriented Specification of Distributed Systems.
- 4. The Design and Development of Ada Real-Time Embedded Systems.
- 5. Protocol Analysis and Implementation using NPNs and SDL.
- 6. A Tool for the Performance Analysis of Concurrent Systems.
- 7. Winston: A Tool for Hierarchical Design and Simulation of Concurrent Systems.
- 8. A Specification-Verification Framework for Distributed Applications Software.
- 9. Dynamic Communication Links.
- 10. Formal Environment and Tools Description for the Analysis of Real Time Concurrent Systems.
- 11. An Equivalence Decision Problem in Systolic Array Verification.
- 12. Should Concurrency be Specified?.
- 13. Semantics for Specifying Real-Time Systems (extended abstract only).
- 14. Specifying Processes in Terms of their Environments.
- 15. Hennessy-Milner Logic with Recursion as a Specification Language, and a Refinement Calculus based on It.
- 16. A Functional Programming Approach to the Specification and Verification of Concurrent Systems.
- 17. Synchronization in Network Protocols.
- 18. From Synchronous to Asynchronous Communication.
- 19. Formal Specification and Verification of Asynchronous Processes in Higher-Order Logic.
- 20. Temporal Specifications Directed by Grammar and Design of Process Networks.
- 21. Analysis of Estelle Specifications.
- 22. Concurrency in Modula-2: Properties of the Language Primitives.
- 23. Specification and Implementation of Concurrent Systems using PARLOG.
- 24. Specification and Verification in Communications Standards.
- 25. Experience with LOTOS and Environment LOTTE on an ISDN Protocol.
- 26. The Specification and Design of a Nondeterministic Data Structure Using CCS.
- 27. A High-Level Petri Net Specification of the Cambridge Fast Ring M-Access Service.- Poster Sessions.
- 1. Modelling of Distributed Problem Solving using Logic Modified Petri Nets.
- 2. An Animator for CSP Implemented in HOPE.
- 3. A Concurrent Approach to the Towers of Hanoi.- Author Index.
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