Spanish and Empire

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Essays in this volume deal with the historical, linguistic, and ideological legacy of the Spanish Empire and its language in the New World.


Introduction: Revisiting Spanish and Empire; Nelsy Echavez-Solano and Kenya C. Dworkin y Mendez; I: Imperial Legacy - Language and Power in the Spanish Colonial Sphere; 1. Languages, Catholicism and Power in the Hispanic Empire (1500-1770); Juan R. Lodares; 2. Echoes of the Voiceless: Language in Jesuit Missions in Paraguay; Fernando Ordonez; 3. Languages and Imperial Designs in the Andes; Juan Carlos Godenzzi; II: Language and Resistance - The Fight for National and Individual Identities; 4. Exploring the Problematics of Non-Castilian Emigration to the Americas through la vida cuartizada of Joan/Juan Torrendell; Thomas Harrington; 5. The Foxes by Jose Maria Arguedas: A Death Warrant for Peru's Modern National Project; Jose Gimenez Mico; 6. Nuyorican Poetry, Tactics for Local Resistance; Susan Campbell; 7. Latino, Latin American, Spanish American, North American, or All at the Same Time?; Edmundo Paz-Soldan; III: Spanish in the Era of Multiculturalism and Globalization; 8. Language Imperialism and the Spread of Global Spanish; Clare Mar-Molinero; 9. Signs of Empire in Mexican Graphic Narrative: A Research Agenda; Bruce Campbell; 10. Spanish, English, or Spanglish?: Truth and Consequences of U.S. Latino Bilingualism; John Lipski; 11. Language and Empire: A Conversation with Ilan Stavans; Ilan Stavans and Veronica Albin; Afterword; Luis Martin-Estudillo and Nicholas Spadaccini.


Nelsy Echavez-Solano is Assistant Professor of Hispanic Studies at St. John's University in Minnesota. Kenya C. Dworkin y Mendez is Associate Professor of Hispanic Studies at Carnegie Mellon University.

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