Spain Transformed: The Late Franco Dictatorship, 1959-75

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Juli 2007



Spain Transformed addresses the sweeping social and cultural changes that characterized the late Franco regime. This wide-ranging collection reassesses the dictatorship's latter years by drawing on a wealth of new material and ideas, using an interdisciplinary approach.


N.Townson The Golden Age of Spanish Capitalism: Economic Growth without Political Freedom;
P.Martín .Aceña &
E.Martínez Ruiz Tourism and Political Change in Franco's Spain;
S.D.Pack The Change in Mentalities during the late Franco Regime;
W.L.Bernecker How different was Spain? The late Franco Regime in International Context;
T.Buchanan Order, Progress, and Syndicalism? How the late Francoist Authorities saw Socio-economic Change;
A.Cazorla Sánchez New Political Mentalities in the tardofranquismo ;
C.Palomares Associations and the Social Origins of the Transition during the Late Franco Regime;
P.Radcliff Cultural Diversity and the Development of a Pre-Democratic Civil Society in Spain;
E.Chuliá The Spanish Church: Change and Continuity;
W.J. Callahan The Origins of Democratic Support in post-Franco Spain: Learning to be a Democrat under Authoritarian Rule?;
M.Torcal The United States and Spain: From Franco to Juan Carlos;
C.Powell The Franco Dictatorship: A Bifurcated Regime?;


TOM BUCHANAN Lecturer in Modern History and Politics, University of Oxford, UK
WALTER L. BERNECKER Professor of History, Erlangen-Nürnberg University, Germany
ANTONIO CAZORLA SÁNCHEZ Associate Professor in History, Trent University, Canada
WILLIAM J. CALLAHAN Professor of History, University of Toronto, Canada
ELISA CHULIÁ Secior Lecturer in Political Science, Open University of Spain (UNED)
EDWARD MALEFAKIS Emeritus Professor of History, Columbia University, USA
PABLO MARTÍN ACEÑA Professor of Economic History, University of Alcalá, Spain
ELENA MARTÍEZ RUIZ Lecturer in Economic History, Barcelona University, Spain
SASHA D. PACK Assistant Professor in History, State University of New York, USA
CHRISTINA PALOMARES Director of the Latin American Section, Fundación para el Análisis y los Estudios Sociales (FAES), Madrid, Spain
CHARLES POWELL Director of the Centro de Estudios de la Transición Democrátuca Española, San Pablo-CEU University, Madrid, Spain
PAMELA RADCLIFF Associate Professor of History, University of California, San Diego, USA
MARIANO TORCAL Senior Lecturer in Political Science, Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona, Spain
NIGEL TOWNSON Senior Lecturer in the History of Political Thought and Social and Political Movements, Complutense University of Madrid, Spain


'An impressive volume on late Francoist Spain Spain Transformed is a significant contribution to the debate on the nature of the Franco regime.' Julius Ruiz - English Historical Review 'A valuable contribution to the literature, this admirable collection is an eloquent indication of the Franco regime's continuing capacity to fascinate.' Paul Kennedy, Bulletin of Spanish Studies 'Townson has edited an impressive volume on late Francoist Spain Spain Transformed is a significant contribution to the debate on the nature of the Franco regime' - Julius Ruiz, University of Edinburgh, UK 'An excellent study of the late Franco regime, perhaps the period of greatest change in the history of Spain. It represents the best analysis of the transitions that made possible the Transition' - Michael Seidman, University of North Carolina, USA
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