Space Weather

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The various processes that connect the physics of the Sun with that of the Earth`s environment has become known as "Space Weather" during recent years, a slogan that has emerged in connection with many other expressions adapted from meteorology, such as solar wind, magnetic clouds or polar rain. This volume is intended as a first graduate-level textbook-style account on the physics of these solar-terrestrial relations and their impact on our natural and technological environment.


Introduction to Space Weather.- The Sun and its Restless Magnetic Field.- The Application of Radio Diagnostics to the Study of the Solar Drivers of Space Weather.- Interplanetary Disturbances.- The Magnetosphere.- Space Weather Effects in the Upper Atmosphere: Low and Middle Latitudes.- Space Weather Effects in the Upper Atmosphere: High Latitudes.- Space Weather Effects on Technology.- Radiation Risks From Space.- Index.



From the reviews:
"The aim of this book is to give an in-depth look at the physics behind the space weather phenomena ... . This book has ... succeeded in its aim of providing the reader with an in-depth look at the physics involved in space weather. ... Grammatically, the book is excellent throughout ... . All the chapters have illustrative figures and ... include very interesting reference lists. ... I found this book in general quite interesting and educational." (Norma B. Crosby, Surveys in Geophysics, 2006)
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