Solar and Heliospheric Origins of Space Weather Phenomena

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September 2006



This book comprises an excursion through space weather, a scientific topic in rapid growth and with growing impact and complications for technological societies. The emphasis of the present volume is on the origins of space weather: the Sun and the solar mind. Very much as the Sun`s electromagnetic radiation drives the Earth climate, our space weather is driven by the solar wind. This book addresses students and scientists working, or interested in, the field and provides a thorough introduction to the topic for those who wish to become acquainted with the basic solar physics at the origin of space weather.


Advances in Understanding Elements of the Sun-Earth Links.
Some Basic Aspects of the Solar Wind.
The Solar Spectrum in the UV, EUV, and X Ranges: Observations, Modelling, and E.ects on the Earth Upper Atmosphere in the Frame of Space Weather.
Earth Radiation Belts.
Radio Emissions from the Sun and the Interplanetary Medium.
The Sun, The Earth, and the Space Weather.


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