Software Specification Methods

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April 2006



This title provides a clear overview of the main methods, and has a practical focus that allows the reader to apply their knowledge to real-life situations. The following are just some of the techniques covered: UML, Z, TLA+, SAZ, B, OMT, VHDL, Estelle, SDL and LOTOS.


Preface. Part 1: State-Based Approaches. 1. Z (J. Bowen). 2. SAZ (F. Polack). 3. B (H. Diab and M. Frappier). 4. From UML Diagrams to B Specifications (R. Laleau and A. Mammar). 5. UML+Z: Augmenting UML with Z, N. Amalio (F. Polack and S. Stepney). 6. ASM, E. Borger (A. Gargantini and E. Riccobene). 7. TLA+ (L. Lamport). Part 2: Event-Based Approaches. 8. Action Systems (J. Sinclair). 9. Event B (D.Cansell and D. Mery). 10. VHDL (L. Pierre). 11. Estelle (E. Lallet and J.-L. Raffy). 12. SDL (P. Poizat). 13. (E)-Lotos (K. Turner and M. Sighireanu). 14. EB3 (F. Gervais and M. Frappier). Part 3: Other Formal Approaches. 15. Casl (H. Baumeister and D. Bert). 16. Coq (J.-F. Monin). 17. Petri Nets (A. Choquet-Geniet and P. Richard). 18. Petri Nets with Objects (C. Sibertin-Blanc). Part 4: Comparison and Glossary. 19. A Comparison of the Specification Methods (M. Frappier, H. Habrias and P. Poizat). 20. Glossary, H. Habrias (P. Poizat and M. Frappier). Glossary. Index.


Henri Habrias, University of Nantes, France Marc Frappier, University of Sherbrooke, Canada
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