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1. 1 The Pressure on Information Technology (IT) "In today's environment, the ability to react quickly to change by reducing the devel­ opment life cycle in order to be first to market will give a company an important com­ petitive edge. " -James Martin The market conditions of the 21 st century put business under continual pressure. The most successful companies are those who are able to reduce their time to market, to launch initiatives before their competitors, to respond very rapidly to opportunities in the marketplace or to change direction in response to a move by the competition or a change in circumstances. All of these business initiatives rely on support from Infor­ mation Technology (IT). For a business to launch a new product in three months time, the supporting IT processes must be available and working in that three month time frame. In this fast moving environment, late IT delivery is not acceptable and may pose a major risk to the business. The marketplace of 21 st century business measures timescales in months, whereas in the past, timescales of two to three years were more typical. Internet related and e­ business projects frequently require even tighter timescales, measured in days rather than months. This need for speed puts tremendous pressure on IT departments. Pressure does not just come from the need for speed. There is also an ever-increasing rate of change within business.


I Software Quality Management.- I.1 Paradigms of Software Quality Management and Software Development.- Process and Product Orientation in Software Development and their Effect on Software Quality Management.- Dynamic Systems Development Method, The Standard for Rapid Application Development.- I.2 Process Oriented Software Quality Management.- A Practical Approach to Continuous Improvement in Software Engineering.- Taking the Temperature on Danish Software Quality.- Test process assessments and improvement.- I.3 Knowledge and Quality Management.- An organizational approach for experience-based process improvement in software engineering: The Software Experience Center.- Knowledge Management: A pragmatic process based approach.- Integrating Knowledge Management and Quality Management.- I.4 Cost Benefit Models for Quality Assurance.- A Cost-Benefit Model for Software Testing.- An Example Cost/Benefit Analysis for Quality Management Systems.- II Certification and Testing.- II 1 Testing Functional and Non-Functional Requirements.- Scalable Acceptance Testing.- Usability Testing - The DATech Standard.- II.2 Testing Web and E-Business Applications.- Ensuring the quality of Web Sites and E-commerce applications.- Pair Programming and Testing in a Medical Web Project.- Testing Web-Based Home Banking Applications.- II.3 Certification and Testing of Embedded and Safety-Critical Systems.- European Standards in the Field of Railway Signalling and their Influence on Software Testing Methods.- Requirements for the Certification of Safety Critical Railway Systems.- Test Environment for Terminal Certification.- Remote Testing of Embedded Software.- III Tools.- Testing Tools, Trends and Perspectives.- Author's Index.



From the reviews of the first edition: "For those who need a snapshot as to the current state of software testing in Europe, this is a very good book to acquire. a ] There are some gems to be found in this book a ] . What happens in safety-critical and certificated systems has a way of migrating into non-critical systems, probably because it gives such organizations a competitive edge. Because of this migration effect the testing consultant needs to keep up-to-date and this well-produced book is a useful source of recent work." (Geoff Quentin, Professional Tester, Vol. 2 (4), 2001)
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