Software Composition

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August 2006



This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed post-proceedings of the 5th International Workshop on Software Composition, SC 2006, a satellite event of the European Joint Conferences on Theory and Practice of Software, ETAPS 2006. The book presents 21 revised full papers reflecting current research in software composition to foster development of composition models and techniques by using aspect-oriented programming, specification of component contracts and protocols, and methods of correct components composition.


Automatic Checking of Component Protocols in Component-Based Systems.- Checking Component Composability.- Static Verification of Indirect Data Sharing in Loosely-coupled Component Systems.- Enforcing Different Contracts in Hierarchical Component-Based Systems.- Automated Pattern-Based Pointcut Generation.- An Aspect-Oriented Approach for Developing Self-Adaptive Fractal Components.- Aspects of Composition in the Reflex AOP Kernel.- A Component-Based Approach to Compose Transaction Standards.- A Class-Based Object Calculus of Dynamic Binding: Reduction and Properties.- Tracechecks: Defining Semantic Interfaces with Temporal Logic.- Service Composition with Directories.- Modeling Composition in Dynamic Programming Environments with Model Transformations.- General Composition of Software Artifacts.- Dimensions of Composition Models for Supporting Software Evolution.- Context-Aware Aspects.- Understanding Design Patterns Density with Aspects.- A Model for Developing Component-Based and Aspect-Oriented Systems.- FROGi: Fractal Components Deployment over OSGi.- Modular Design of Man-Machine Interfaces with Larissa.- On the Integration of Classboxes into C#.- Automatic Control Flow Generation from Software Architectures.


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