Soft Computing in Web Information Retrieval

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This book presents recent studies on the application of Soft Computing techniques in information access on the World Wide Web. The book is divided in four parts reflecting the areas of research of the presented works such as Document Classification, Semantic Web, Web Information Retrieval and Web Applications. The text demonstrates that Web Information Retrieval is a stimulating area of research where Soft Computing technologies can be applied satisfactorily.


Document Classification.
A Dynamic Hierarchical Fuzzy Clustering Algorithm for Information Filtering.
A Theoretical Framework for Web Categorization in Hierarchical Directories using Bayesian Networks.
Personalized Knowledge Models Using RDF-Based Fuzzy Classification.
A Genetic Programming Approach for Combining Structural and Citation-Based Evidence for Text Classification in Web Digital Libraries.
Semantic Web.
Adding a Trust Layer to Semantic Web Metadata.
A Fuzzy Linguistic Multi-agent Model Based on Semantic Web Technologies and User Profiles.
Fuzzy Concept-Based Models in Information Browsers.
Evaluation of Term-based Queries using Possibilistic Ontologies.
Web Information Retrieval.
Formal Theory of Connectionist Web Retrieval.
Semi-fuzzy Quantifiers for Information Retrieval.
Helping Users in Web Information Retrieval Via Fuzzy Association Rules.
Combining Soft and Hard Techniques for the Analysis of Batch Retrieval Tasks.
Web Application.
Search Advertising.
Information Loss in Continuous Hybrid Microdata: Subdomain-Level Probabilistic Measures.
Access to a Large Dictionary of Spanish Synonyms: A Tool for Fuzzy Information Retrieval.


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