Sociological Perspectives of Organic Agriculture

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This book takes a fresh look at understanding the dynamics of the organic agricultural sector in Europe, Australia, South America and the US. Many of the authors explore the use of combined methodology, drawing on theory from a range of social sciences to demonstrate that the complexity of organic agriculture lies in the close connection between nature, society and the economy. Likewise, whilst the book depicts organic agriculture as an engine of growth for the organic sector, it reflects also the important role played by, not only producers but also, other actors in the supply chain, such as consumers and certification standards.


Dear Eve: the bonds of friendship and the roots of organic farming, M Schmitt, H Inhetveen and I Spieker, University of Goettingen, Germany; Turf wars: the UK organic movements veto of GM, M Reed; Farmers markets and the perpetually post-organic movement in Ireland, O Moore, University of Exeter, UK; Means-end chain study of consumer preferences for organic food in France, L Sirieix, UMR MOISA, A Alessandrin, ADIV Association, and V Persillet, UMR MOISA, France; Organic food risk perception at farmers markets in the UK and US, B A Scholten, Durham University, UK; A conceptual model of willingness to pay for organic food in the UK, G C Holt; Reverting in Denmark - has organic farming modernized out of business? P Kaltoft, Danish Ministry of Environment, Denmark and M Risgaard, Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, Denmark; Conventionalisation of the Australian organic industry, S Jordan, Hokkaido University, H Shuji, Kyoto University and R Izawa, Hokkaido University, Japan; EurepGAP and the decline of organic exporting from New Zealand, H Campbell, C McLeod, and R Christopher, University of Otago, New Zealand; Emerging scared: problems for organic conversion in South Africa, K Niemeyer, Technical University of Munich, Germany and J Lombard, University of Stellenbosch, South Africa; The paradox for the diffusion of organic farming in Denmark, N Egon, Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Denmark; Organic farming in Norway: a way to express the female principle? H Bjorkhaug, University of Science and Technology, Norway; Public sector procurement of organic food: school meals in Denmark, A Dahl and N H Kristensen, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark; The Argarwende - expansion of organic farming in Germany, M Schafer, H Ulmer, A Engel, J Kantelhardt and A Heissenhuber, Technical University of Munich, Germany; Rural development through organic territory: eco-regions in Austria, M Schermer, Innsbruck University, Austria; From economic to social development: organic horticulture in Sao Paulo, Brasil, S Bellon, INRA-SAD, France and L S de Abreu, Embrapa Meio Ambiente, Sao Paulo, Brazil.
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