Social Sciences and Modern States: National Experiences and Theoretical Crossroads

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April 2004



In this book, leading specialists in the field analyse both the development and failings of policy-oriented social science.


Acknowledgements; Notes on contributors; Part I. National Experiences in Comparative Perspective: 1. The policy orientation: legacy and promise Peter Wagner, Carol Hirschon Weiss, Bjorn Wittrock and Hellmut Wollmann; 2. Social science and the modern state: policy knowledge and political institutions in Western Europe and the United States Bjorn Wittrock, Peter Wagner and Hellmut Wollmann; 3. Political events and the policy sciences Peter Deleon; 4. From policy analysis to political management: An outside look at public-policy training in the United States Werner Jann; 5. Networks of influence: the social sciences in the United Kingdom since the war Cyril S. Smith; 6. National contexts for the development of social-policy research: British and American research on poverty and social welfare compared Martin Bulmer; 7. Political culture and the policy orientation in Dutch social science Stuart S. Blume, Rob P. Hagendijk and AD A. M. Prins; 8. Arenas of interaction: social science and public policy in Switzerland Raimund E. Germann; 9. The influence of social sciences on political decisions in Poland Wladyslaw Markiewicz and Witold Morawski; 10. The impact of social sciences on the process of development in Japan Joji Watanuki; 11. Changing roles of new knowledge: research institutions and societal transformations in Brazil Simon Schwartzman; Part II. Policy Sciences at the Crossroads: 12. Frame-reflective policy discourse Martin Rein and Donald Schon; 13. Research programmes and action programmes, or can policy research learn from the philosophy of science? Giandomenico Majone; 14. Policy research: data, ideas, or arguments? Carol Hirschon Weiss; 15. Social knowledge and public policy: eight models of interaction Bjorn Wittrock; Part III. Epilogue: 16. Summing up: social sciences and modern states Carol Hirschon Weiss and Bjorn Wittrock; Index.
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