Social Rules

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September 1998



"A real interdisciplinary conversation among logicians, historians, and social scientists interested in rules and their impact".--Elinor Ostrom, Indiana University.


The Logicians And Philosophers Approach To Rules * The Representation of Rules in Logic and Their Definition David Braybrooke. * Hyperdeontic Logic: An Overview Peter K. Schotch. * Normative Explanations Geoffrey Sayre-McCord. * Rules and the Rationality of Scientific Cultures Bryson Brown. * Changes of Rules, Issue-Circumscription, and Issue-Processing D. Braybrooke. * The Nature of Customary Law in the Manor Courts of Medieval England Lloyd Bonfield. * Worries About Quandaries Richard W. Miller. * Rules and Resources: The Legitimation of Political Parties in France and the United States Ronald Aminzade. * Synoptic Comment on Applications of the Logical Theory of Rules D. Braybrooke. Transition * Do We Know Enough About Legal Norms? Charles Silver. * Notes on the Logic of Legal Change: Bonfield vSilver Lewis A. Kornhauser. The Economists Approach To The Origin Of Rules And To Changes In Them * Comment on Reconciling the Philosophers Approach with the Economists D. Braybrooke. * Institutional Change: A Framework of Analysis Douglass C. North. * Conceptions of Social Rule L. A. Kornhauser. * The Origin of Rules in Uncertainty Ronald A. Heiner. * Rules, Equilibrium, Beliefs, and Social Mathmematics Norman Schofield. Epilogue: Schematic Synthesis * By Way of Summary: A Schematic Synthesis of the Discussion D. Braybrooke. Appendixes * Proofs Relating to Chapter 11 L. A. Kornhauser. * Deliberation and Rational Choice Nicholas Baigent; * Comment L. A. Kornhauser.


David Braybrooke holds the Centennial Commission Chair in the Liberal Arts (Government and Philosophy) at the University of Texas at Austin. He belongs with contributors Bryson Brown and Peter K. Schotch to the Dalhousie University team that has produced Logic On the Track of Social Change (1995).
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