Smart Power ICs

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Juni 2002



This survey of the state of the art of technology and future trends in the new family of Smart Power ICs describes design and applications in a variety of fields, ranging from automotive to telecommunications, reliability evaluation and qualification procedures.


1 BCD Technologies for Smart Power ICs.- 2 Technologies for High Voltage ICs.- 3 Smart Discrete Technologies.- 4 Dielectric Isolation Technologies and Power ICs.- 5 Power Mosfets Driving Circuits and Protection Techniques.- 6 Motion Control.- 7 Switching Regulators.- 8 High Voltage Integrated Circuits for Off-Line Power Applications.- 9 Automotive Electronics.- 10 Audio Amplifiers.- 11 High Complexity Smart Power Devices and Future Developments.- 12 Modeling, Design and Simulation of Power Electronic Devices and Circuits.- 13 Packaging.- 14 Reliability of Smart Power ICs.



From the reviews:
"This book provides a survey of the state-of-the-art of the technology and future trends in the new family of Smart Power ICs ... . The book is a valuable source of information and reference for both power IC design specialists and to all those concerned with applications, the development of digital circuits as well as with system architecture." (ETDE Energy Database, October, 2002)
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