Shanghai: Revolution and Development in an Asian Metropolis

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November 2004



This book is a comprehensive study of the way in which old Shanghai was transformed and developed by the Communist Party between 1949 and the later 1970s.


List of illustrations; Preface; Foreword; Abbreviations; Part I. The Modern Historical Perspective: 1. 'The other China': Shanghai from 1919 to 1949 Marie-Claire Bergere; Part II. Political Life: 2. Political mobilization in Shanghai, 1949-1951 Richard Gaulton; 3. Shanghai and Chinese politics: before and after the Cultural Revolution Parris Chang; 4. Shanghai dockers in the Cultural Revolution: the interplay of political and economic issues Raymond F. Wylie; 5. The Shanghai Connection: Shanghai's role in national politics during the 1970s David S. G. Goodman; Part III. Economic Development and Living-Standards: 6. Industrialization under conditions of long-run population stability: Shanghai's achievement and prospect Christopher Howe; 7. The quest for food self-sufficiency Robert Ash; 8. Changes in the standard of living of Shanghai industrial workers, 1930-1973 Bruce L. Reynolds; Part IV. The Suburban Transformation: 9. Shanghai-suburb relations, 1949-1966 Lynn T. White III; 10. The spatial development of Shanghai Ka-iu Fung; Part V. Culture and Ideology: 11. The emergence of 'worker-writers' in Shanghai Lars Ragvald; 12. Study and criticism: the voice of Shanghai radicalism John Gardner; Notes; A chronology of modern Shanghai, 1842-1979; Contributors; Index.
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