Shakespeare and the Culture of Christianity in Early Modern England

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November 2003



The question of Shakespeare's Catholic contexts has occupied many scholars in recent years, and their growing body of work has been enriched by revisionist accounts of the Reformation society and culture in which he lived and worked. This innovative book brings together sixteen original essays by leading scholars who examine Shakespeare's works in light of this new scholarship: their goal is to explore a possible interpretive consensus from Protestant, Catholic, and secular perspectives. Offering stimulating new approaches to traditional problems in Shakespeare studies, the essays provide a fully developed picture of Shakespeare's relation to the Reformation--in the light of newly unearthed religious contexts. From the monastic life in "Measure for Measure to Puritanism in "Hamlet, the essays offer fresh understandings of such themes as majority cultures, national self-definition, hidden trauma, and concealed identity.


Dennis Taylor is Professor of English at Boston College, and has written extensively on religion and literature. David N. Beauregard, a priest of the Congregation of the Oblates of the Virgin Mary, is Professor of English and Dean of Studies at Our Lady of Grace Seminary, Boston.


"The volume is more than just Catholic in its reach as it makes room for those who find in the plays evidence of influences from the various protestant thinkers of the day."
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