Service-Oriented Computing - ICSOC 2005

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November 2005



This volume contains the proceedings of the Third International Conference on Service-Oriented Computing (ICSOC 2005), that took place in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, December 12-15, 2005. The 2005 edition had the important and ambitious goal of bringing together the different communities working in Web services and service-oriented computing. By attracting excellent contributions from different scientific communities, ICSOC aims at creating a scientific venue where participants can share ideas and compare their approaches to tackling the many still-open common research challenges. The commitment to cross-area fertilization was put into practice by having a very diversified Program Committee and by the presence of several area coordinators, leaders in the respective communities who encouraged and supervised submissions in each area. This is also the first edition to feature a successful workshop and demo program, with selected demos also presented in a paper-like fashion so that they get the attention they deserve. In addition, ICSOC 2005 inherited from previous editions a strong industrial presence, both in the conference organization and in the program. This is very important due to the industrial relevance and the many challenges of service oriented technologies.


Vision Papers.- Autonomic Web Processes.- The (Service) Bus: Services Penetrate Everyday Life.- Service Oriented Architectures for Science Gateways on Grid Systems.- Service Specification and Modelling.- Toward a Programming Model for Service-Oriented Computing.- Speaking a Common Language: A Conceptual Model for Describing Service-Oriented Systems.- A Rule Driven Approach for Developing Adaptive Service Oriented Business Collaboration.- Service Design and Validation.- Pattern-Based Specification and Validation of Web Services Interaction Properties.- Using Test Cases as Contract to Ensure Service Compliance Across Releases.- Towards a Classification of Web Service Feature Interactions.- Service Selection and Discovery.- A High-Level Functional Matching for Semantic Web Services.- Service Selection Algorithms for Composing Complex Services with Multiple QoS Constraints.- On Service Discovery Process Types.- SPiDeR: P2P-Based Web Service Discovery.- An Approach to Temporal-Aware Procurement of Web Services.- Service Composition and Aggregation.- Approaching Web Service Coordination and Composition by Means of Petri Nets. The Case of the Nets-Within-Nets Paradigm.- Modeling and Analyzing Context-Aware Composition of Services.- Towards Semi-automated Workflow-Based Aggregation of Web Services.- Choreography and Orchestration: A Synergic Approach for System Design.- Service Monitoring.- PerfSONAR: A Service Oriented Architecture for Multi-domain Network Monitoring.- DySOA: Making Service Systems Self-adaptive.- Towards Dynamic Monitoring of WS-BPEL Processes.- Service Management.- Template-Based Automated Service Provisioning - Supporting the Agreement-Driven Service Life-Cycle.- Proactive Management of Service Instance Pools for Meeting Service Level Agreements.- Adaptive Component Management Service in ScudWare Middleware for Smart Vehicle Space.- Semantic Web and Grid Services.- Semantic Caching for Web Services.- ODEGSG Framework, Knowledge-Based Annotation and Design of Grid Services.- Implicit Service Calls in ActiveXML Through OWL-S.- Semantic Tuplespace.- Security, Exception Handling, and SLAs.- Trust-Based Secure Workflow Path Construction.- Reputation-Based Service Level Agreements for Web Services.- Handling Faults in Decentralized Orchestration of Composite Web Services.- What's in an Agreement?An Analysis and an Extension of WS-Agreement.- Industrial and Application Papers.- SOA in the Real World - Experiences.- Service-Oriented Design: The Roots.- A Service Oriented Architecture for Deploying and Managing Network Services.- Demo Papers.- Dynamo: Dynamic Monitoring of WS-BPEL Processes.- WofBPEL: A Tool for Automated Analysis of BPEL Processes.- OpenWS-Transaction: Enabling Reliable Web Service Transactions.- ASTRO: Supporting Composition and Execution of Web Services.- Demonstrating Dynamic Configuration and Execution of Web Processes.- Short Papers.- Programming and Compiling Web Services in GPSL.- Semantic Management of Web Services.- Composition of Services with Nondeterministic Observable Behavior.- Efficient and Transparent Web-Services Selection.- An Approach to Parameterizing Web Service Flows.- Dynamic Policy Management on Business Performance Management Architecture.- A Lightweight Formal Framework for Service-Oriented Applications Design.- A MDE Approach for Power Distribution Service Development.- Semantic Web Services for Activity-Based Computing.- The Price of Services.- Managing End-to-End Lifecycle of Global Service Policies.- Applying a Web Engineering Method to Design Web Services.- An Architecture for Unifying Web Services Authentication and Authorization.- Specifying Web Service Compositions on the Basis of Natural Language Requests.


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