Semiotics of Drama and Theatre

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Januar 1985



The volume presents perspectives in the theory of drama and theatre that are new for the following reasons: 1) the contributions reflect the international cooperation in developing drama and theatre as well as its theories; 2) this collection is the first attempt of presenting papers within the context of (Analytical) Theory of Science; 3) it is the first consistent set of papers starting from semiotics a s a meta-theory. The volume is divided into four sections: I Fundamental of Theatre Research, II Theory of Drama and Theatre, III Descriptive Theatre Research, IV Applied Theatre Research. The fifth and final section offers a selective bibliography of analytical approaches to drama and theatre.


1. The editors: New Perspectives in the Theory of Drama and Theatre; an Introduction, p9; 2. I. Fundamentals of Theatre Research; 3. Theatre and Drama Research; an Analytical Proposition (by Van Kesteren, Aloysius), p19; 4. II. Theory of Drama and Theatre; 5. The Algebra of Scenic Situations (by Dinu, Mihai), p67; 6. Evidence et strategies de l'analyse theatrale (by Helbo, Andre), p93; 7. On the Nature of Dramatic Text (by Prochazka, Miroslav), p102; 8. Coherence and Focability: A Contribution to the Analysability of Theatre Discourse (by Tindemans, Carlos), p127; 9. III. Descriptive Theatre Research; 10. The Dramatic Dialogue: Oral or Literary Communication? (by Fischer-Lichte, Erika), p137; 11. Music as Theme and as Structural Model in Chekhov's Three Sisters (by Golomb, Harai), p174; 12. Die Strategic der Paradoxie: Zur Logik der Konversation im Dandyismus am Beispiel Oscar Wildes (by Hess-Luttich, Ernest W.B.), p197; 13. The Theatrical Theatre - Evreinov's Contribution to Russian Modernism: An Analysis of The Merry Death (by Hildebrand, Olle), p235; 14. Le role de l'espace scenique dans la lecture du texte dramatique: Quelques observations sur un 'modele' du genre dramatique et sur les Sei personaggi in cerca d'autore de Pirandello (by Jansen, Steen), p254; 15. On Brecht's Notion of Gestus (by Pavis, Patrice), p290; 16. Die Umstrukturierung des theatralischen Zeichens in Cechovs Einakter Predlozenie (Der Heiratsantrag) (by Schmid, Herta), p305; 17. Frames and Metacommunication in Genet's The Balcony (by Sherzer, Dina), p368; 18. Acting and Behaviour: A Study in the Signans (by Veltrusky, Jiri), p393; 19. IV. Applied Theatre Research; 20. Towards a Theory of Women's Theatre (by Bassnett, Susan), p445; 21. 'Good guy bad guy' Effects in Political Theatre (by Tan, Ed), p467; 22. V. Bibliography; 23. Selective and Incomplete Bibliography of Analytical Approaches to Drama and Theatre (by Van Kesteren, Aloysius), p511
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