Semantic Keystone-based Search on Structured Data Sources

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Januar 2016



This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed
post-conference proceedings of the First COST Action IC1302 International
KEYSTONE Conference on semantic Keyword-based Search on Structured Data Sources,
IKC 2015, held in Coimbra, Portugal, in September 2015.

The 13 revised full papers, 3 revised short papers, and 2 invited papers were
carefully reviewed and selected from 22 initial submissions. The paper topics
cover techniques for keyword search, semantic data management, social Web and
social media, information retrieval, benchmarking for search on big data.


RecommendingWeb Pages using Item-based Collaborative Filtering Approaches.
ProcessingKeyword Queries under Access Limitations.
Balanced Large Scale KnowledgeMatching Using LSH Forest.
Improving css-KNN Classification Performance byShifts in Training Data. Classification using various ML Methods and Combinationsof Key-Phrases and Visual Features.
Mining Workflow Repositories for ImprovingFragments Reuse.
Agile DBLP: A Search-based Mobile Application for StructuredDigital Libraries.
Support of Part-whole Relations in Query Answering.-Key-Phrases as Means to Estimate Birth and Death Years of Jewish Text Authors.-Professional Collaborative Information Seeking: On Traceability and CreativeSensemaking.
Visualization of Uncertain Information in Tag Clouds.
MultimodalImage Retrieval Based on Keywords and Low-level Image Features.
TowardOptimized Multimodal Concept Indexing.
Semantic URL Analytics to SupportEfficient Annotation of Large Scale Web Archives.
Indexing of textualdatabases based on lexical resources: A case study for Serbian.
Domain-specificmodeling: Towards a Food and Drink Gazetteer.
Analysing Entity Context inMultilingual Wikipedia to Support Entity-Centric Retrieval Applications.

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