Selected Areas in Cryptography

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Februar 2000



SAC'99 was the sixth in a series of annual workshops on Selected Areas in Cryptography. Previous workshops were held at Carleton University in Ottawa (1995 and 1997) and at Queen's University in Kingston (1994, 1996, and 1998). The intent of the annual workshop is to provide a relaxed atmosphere in which researchers in cryptography can present and discuss new work on selected areas of current interest. The themes for the SAC'99 workshop were: { Design and Analysis of Symmetric Key Cryptosystems { E cient Implementations of Cryptographic Systems { Cryptographic Solutions for Web/Internet Security The timing of the workshop was particularly fortuitous as the announcement by NIST of the v e nalists for AES coincided with the rst morning of the workshop, precipitating lively discussion on the merits of the selection! A total of 29 papers were submitted to SAC'99 and, after a review process that had all papers reviewed by at least 3 referees, 17 were accepted and p- sented. As well, two invited presentations were given: one by Miles Smid from NIST entitled \From DES to AES: Twenty Years of Government Initiatives in Cryptography"and the other by Mike Reiter from Bell Labs entitled \Password Hardening with Applications to VPN Security". The program committee for SAC'99 consisted of the following members: Carlisle Adams, Tom Cusick, Howard Heys, Lars Knudsen, Henk Meijer, Luke O'Connor, Doug Stinson, Stao rd Tavares, and Serge Vaudenay.


Cryptosystems and Pseudorandom Number Generators.- A Universal Encryption Standard.- Yarrow-160: Notes on the Design and Analysis of the Yarrow Cryptographic Pseudorandom Number Generator.- Elliptic Curve Pseudorandom Sequence Generators.- Security Aspects of Block Ciphers.- Adaptive-Attack Norm for Decorrelation and Super-Pseudorandomness.- Guesswork and Variation Distance as Measures of Cipher Security.- Modeling Linear Characteristics of Substitution-Permutation Networks.- Strong Linear Dependence and Unbiased Distribution of Non-propagative Vectors.- Cryptanalysis of Block Ciphers.- Security of E2 against Truncated Differential Cryptanalysis.- Key-Schedule Cryptanalysis of DEAL.- Efficient Evaluation of Security against Generalized Interpolation Attack.- Efficient Implementations of Cryptosystems.- Efficient Implementation of Cryptosystems Based on Non-maximal Imaginary Quadratic Orders.- Improving and Extending the Lim/Lee Exponentiation Algorithm.- Software Optimization of Decorrelation Module.- Cryptography for Network Applications.- Pseudonym Systems.- Unconditionally Secure Proactive Secret Sharing Scheme with Combinatorial Structures.- Protecting a Mobile Agent's Route against Collusions.- Photuris: Design Criteria.


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